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September 2013



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Last night it didn't seem like such a good idea...

...I woke up just past midnight, having gone to bed early, and got up to go to the bathroom.  There was a smoky smell in the room, but apparently no smoke--my smoke alarm is quite sensitive, and I have several around the house.

I checked the basement to see if it smelled stronger there--there is still a partially patched hole to the crawl space behind the tub, and I thought perhaps the smoky smell came from there, but it didn't seem as strong.  I went outside on the deck to see if it was an outdoor smell, and there was a slight scent of smoke, but not anything definitive.

So...using 10 Zen Seconds to relax and go back to sleep seemed like a bad idea!  Or using much of anything else, as far as that goes...I don't like smelling smoke in the house and didn't want to wake up dead, as they say...

So I fixed a cup of tea and sat up and read for a few hours, till somewhat after 2 am...the scent is lesser this morning, almost gone.  Still NO idea what caused it.  It didn't smell like hot electrical wiring, it was more like burning leaves...but in the HOUSE??

As some of you may remember there is a hole in the foundation of this 100-year-old house, where you can't get at it without dismantling the back deck...I often have stray cats, raccoons, and opossums in the basement.  On occasion they've dragged nesting materials down there--as in dead leaves.  Once, before I blocked the access over the hot water heater, something dragged a plastic bag in where it melted on the heater.  THAT stunk.  So I was just a tad nervous about what might be in the crawl space, and why on earth it would smell as if it were burning...

And, siiiigh, yesterday's work is almost all gone this morning.  I did quite a bit more on the banner yesterday, and overnight something froze up in the computer.  (WHY does it do that??  NO ONE is messing about with it in the middle of the night!) I couldn't toggle between programs this morning, or much of anything else, so I had to do a restart...Photoshop was still open.  I hadn't saved yesterday's work because I wasn't finished.  Soooo...all gone.

Well, at least I remember how I did all the changes, so it should be faster this time...

...breathe, Kate...

This is how it looked BEFORE the last change, where I did away with the butterfly and added a watercolor brush...but this version is gone, too.  Back to the last one in my journal...


Yes, you certainly MAY! I've been going "DUH" at myself all morning! I know better than that--it's the second time I've lost everything, but at least this one's only since yesterday. The other one I lost, there was nothing left but the jpg version. I decided I was done, rather than start all over on that one!

Silly is right!


Well. . . looking on the bright side, there wasn't a fire.
Oh BELIEVE me, girl, I do! I'd love to know what it was, and it sure shot the heck out of my night's sleep. I'm good and tired this morning, and have the sketchcrawl and demo tomorrow, but oh well. Beats being fried...
If those damned racoons weren't smoking in the basement, you wouldn't have these problems.
You'd have other problems, of course, but not those problems.
This is true.*G*
Maybe I should get 'em a better brand of tobacco...
Maybe some pipe tobacco? My great grandfather used to smoke some stuff that smelled pretty good.
Yah, my sweetie smokes some lovely stuff...nice cigars, too.


bad night

Oh Kate, I feel your pain, burning smells are Never good, hope it was somthing minor that you can identify and find peace of mind. And the computer, all I can say is Thank God for the computer genius at work, or I would have thrown my computer out the windor or killed someone many years ago ;-)


Re: bad night

Hi Sandy...no, I haven't figured out what it was, but it's not there today.

I've reconstructed yesterday's computer work, and it only took me half a day. Duh! I feel like such a goof... I KNOW where the save button is!
What a weird scary night that must have been. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your file. I hate it when that happens. I deleted half of my photos on my computer by accident a couple days ago and then had to spend hours and hours searching for them on the computer I'd sort of backed them up to. Fortunately I found them all but what a nightmare! I love the new banner. It's really clean and easy to read and vibrant.
It WAS, Jana! I don't like smells I can't locate...particularly smoky ones! It wasn't as scary as it might have been, since it was burning-leaves smell not hot electrical wiring or burning HOUSE smell--the house next door burned almost to the ground a few years ago, and I KNOW that stink. Very scary!

But still...your bathroom shouldn't smell like burning leaves!

Oh, lord, sorry about your photos! I'm glad you found them!

And now I hope I've tweaked the banner for the LAST TIME. Thank you for the input, I hope you like it as well now...