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September 2013



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Workshop banner--final??

Workshop banner--final??, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

OK, NOW maybe I'm done. I think.

When I saw the original rough on the page, it seemed to need a band at the bottom to set it apart...and so of course then that seemed like a good place to add a bit of information or a plug.*G*

And I just found the nice colorful pencils this morning, in my new book art where the palette was...though I kinda liked the black and white with squiggles from last time...*G*

Aiming for colorful and inviting, easy to read, non-intimidating but--I hope!--still inspiring. The page will have the two original class montages as buttons, and when you click on them they'll be in their larger format, hoping that will do it...

...because I REALLY need to move on to something else! I got the new WordPerfect X3 today and got it installed, so I'm business again--I can get back to doing PDFs and finish some of the other projects, like my Elements of Landscape or 2nd tour of this area CDs!

And at some point I just have to call it DONE. This may be the point...


Looks great, Kate!

Have you done these workshops before? Is there somewhere I can go to see more details about them?
Sure, I've been doing them for the past year--I'll send you the links via email! Oh, no, wait...they're in the links at right on my page here...


Oh Yes! The colored pencils really makes the color flow across the banner - very smooth to the eye! And I agree, the banner on the bottom kind of balances off the header - and absolutely! you needed a plug on it. You ARE the queen of tweaking or Photoshopping!
Hi Miss Brenda...

thank you And, um, well, I've tweaked it a bit MORE, moving my name to the right, which allows me to make the sketch of J. on the left a bit larger. Changed the font colors, again, and flipped the palette so the most colorful paints are more visible and on the outside.*G* Let me know what you think...it's on the Flickr album... http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/