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September 2013



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Wishing Well

Wishing Well, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

It felt wonderful to get out and paint again the other day...I sat on the ground in the sun for this one, and although this was only supposed to be the sketch and I intended to do an actual PAINTING, it got away from me...and I ran out of time. So this is in my journal...

If you're going to sit on ground that has only recently had snow on it, I'd suggest a BLANKET (or a foam pad), though...by the time I got done I had to come home and sit on a heating pad!

Still, while I painted, it was a gorgeous warm afternoon...paid for by violent thunderstorms that night and snow flurries the next day, and strong winds for 2 days, since--temps in the 30s, so I am doubly grateful I got OUT there. 

Very grateful, too, to have gotten off easy with the weather.  We had some flooding the night I painted this, but the tornado watch expired without incident, in my area, at 3 am.  We were very fortunate.  I talked to a friend in southern Missouri and he told me that in his town there was a lot of damage to property, and a little girl was killed. 

The Midwest is beautiful, and deceptively pastorale--and sometimes deadly.


this is a fabulous painting! I'm so glad you managed to get the time outdoors to do it. earlier your site would not allow me to leave a comment.
Hi, and I'm glad you were able to post, now! I just recently allowed non-LJ-user posts, but I see you have a journal here too, so...don't know why you weren't able to. Welcome, anyway!

I really, really needed to get out and paint. Today it's 20 degrees again, and snowing! I can paint in the car, but...


sounds too cold! nothing indoors look exciting to you?

i think i used to sign up for every new application that was available online! decided to try my luck with LJ and sure enough there was an usused account in my name. with a little back and forthing I was all set to comment on your blog.

I'm glad you've made it is easier coz i've come quite a few times a while ago till it sank in that I couldnt comment. I think it was around the time when you were having some software issues - an area that i feel I could comment on :D

Thanks for writing back. Wishing you better weather soon(est)


Re: brrrrrr

I tend to get hung up in I-Oughtas, indoors. Work, Photoshopping, writing, computer...it's hard to just take time to sketch, though I often do the cats.

I probably have just ignored my software issue.*rg* waiting for the newest version of WP to arrive, found out the WP12 I bought was OEM and some things are just missing. Ticked me off! So can't make more good PDFs till that comes...I'm on hold. NO idea why the Adobe Acrobat newest version isn't working right.

And I have way too much on my C: drive and need more RAM. So I'm ignoring ALL of it for now!

WP = WordPerfect?

I think I spoke too soon :P. I switched to a Mac in '96 and since then my knowledge base on Windows has shrunk to zero. On my mac, i can select "save as pdf" while in the print command box and the web page / doc gets saved as a pdf.

Here I'm assuming that you're talking about WordPerfect and not WordPress :D It was my favourite word processor along with Lotus for spreadsheets.

There are a couple of free PDF creators with good reviews that you might like to check out and use in the meantime