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September 2013



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Class/workshop banner

Class banner 2, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Playing around with Photoshop again...I'm looking at a variety of possibilities with my online classes, including linking from my own home page for more autonomy.

I wanted to suggest a variety of class possibilities, since I'm planning on later doing an ink and watercolor, a watercolor pencil, and a plein air class in addition to the watercolor and drawing classes I offer now.

In my oh-so-copious spare time, I know...

So this one shows watercolor, drawing, WC pencil and plein air...

As always, feedback is welcome...



This looks wonderful. Should you indicate with words on the banner the types of artmaking you offer? Not sure if the range is (or could be) evident in the banner format from images alone.
You've just got so much going on, it's hard to communicate it all!
Hi sweet thing...actually what's being offered will be on the page itself, rather than listed, because it will change as I get more classes done.

As you say, adding all I plan to do to the banner itself would be kind of a lot...right now it's watercolor and sketching/drawing classes, but I plan to add watercolor pencil, plein air, maybe ink and watercolor, maybe sketch-journaling....so that will go down the side of the page as buttons or links.

I'm thinking simplifying the banner might be good, at this point. ;-)
Hi Kate,
I like the words and font you used. It really stands out and makes one want to respond with "Oh, Cool! Kate! Online! Great!" Since you asked for feedback, I'll share my two cents: The background seems a little confusing and maybe even fights a bit with the words. I'm not sure you need quite so much there: perhaps include fewer examples of each media, or maybe use either a sample of the media or the tool, but not both (either a watercolor image OR watercolor brushes). And maybe you could add some smaller text in bullets or a column listing the media you plan to teach. I think part of the problem is the size of the images. One bigger sketch would read more easily than four little sketchbooks. I hope this is the kind of feedback you were interested in and that it's helpful.
Hi Jana! Of course, that's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for, and thank you! The additional text that tells what the classes are will go down the side of the page, as links or bullets.

I know what you mean about the small images on the right--I tried replacing them with a single image but wasn't happy with it. I'll probably tweak more.

Did the cat's eye in the O draw your attention too much, as Casey mentioned? It does rather feature her, but I'll admit to not being objective there...that's my favorite sketch of my beloved Scoutie, who died unexpectedly last fall. I still miss her very much, and that was sort of both my tribute and my attempt to get past crying every time I see one of my sketches of her.*rg* If it doesn't WORK, though, it'll have to go...I wanted to feature a non-portrait drawing too, since some people are not interested in drawing people.
I think it's fine to include Scoutie in the banner and I didn't even really notice her eye in the O until you pointed it out. One way to look at the banner would be to think of it as a painting. Your paintings are so fresh and have wonderful depth and beautiful colors. There's usually a focal point and a path for the eye to travel through the painting and often a quiet, less detailed "escape" area too, where the eye can rest and feel peaceful for a moment.

So the primary focal point is probably either your name or the words about the Art Classes, which is what I see first now. Then just check to see where your eye goes next and next. The way it's set up right now my eye tries to jump from the left side bright rainbow colors to the right side watercolor postcards and then back to the text and then back to the left and then maybe down to the paintbrushes with all the detail... Another thought would be to give the background an overall tone like a transparent film over it, to unify it and make the writing stand out.


Hi Kate - This is colorful and attention-getting. One thing, I find my eye drawn consistently to the o of online with the cat's eye in it - I think your name should be the first thing that grabs my eye. Looking forward to the new session, I think I'll sign up this time, you've gotten such rave reviews.
Hi Casey! I wonder if it would help if I changed the font colors around? Red catches your eye more readily than blue...

Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to continue to tweak for a bit...and I'd be delighted to have you in class! One thing I LOVE about teaching online is the international flavor of the classes.