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September 2013



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So, I'm not terribly good at taking it easy...

I listed a few new auctions on eBay and redesigned how two of them look--I got tired of the art being at the BOTTOM of the listing, and haven't figured out my new template yet, so figured out how to put a larger version at the top--see what you think:  One of them is eBay item # 220086638165 (NO idea how to link to the auction any more, gee thanks Firefox...), this one:

I also spent some time with my webmistress discussing changes about the class information, packaged up some art from my delightful new multi-purchase repeat buyer and got it off, wrote the new Art Tip for this week and finished a couple of illustrations for it, hit the bank and the post office, paid the water bill (which the mailperson dropped on the sidewalk and it got snowed on--glad I found it when the snow melted...) and NOW I think I'm done.  Or finished.

Time to grab a drink and a book, plus my down lap robe, and actually sit on the porch for a while!



Whew indeed!

And I was feeling grumpy about my short to do list today: mat and frame two paintings (and reframe one I matted with the wide side on top, duh) for the show and write a little about the 4 paintings going into the Quarto book...and that's it...and I'm looking at your blog instead of just getting it done, which is much more fun. The colors are so beautiful on this--so nice and warm on this cold rainy day. Now I'll call on the Math Fairy to come help me with cutting the mats which I always screw up and I'll get back to work! Thanks for the visual vacation!

Re: Whew indeed!

Thanks, Jana! Did you get your stuff done? There are some tasks I find oppressive, too, and I try to avoid them. Matting and framing ranks right up there.*G* I WAS my math guru, so you know how much trouble I was in...haven't matted anything myself in a lot of years! We used to have a lovely framer in town, but he went out of business about 3 years ago...I'm reduced to commercial ones, and they just don't cut them the way I like 'em. I bought a new mat cutter, this year, and if I can find someplace to DO it, I'll probably get back to doing it myself...


Re: Whew indeed!

Hi, Yuck is right. Yes, I did get it done, and only had to redo one piece that I matted upside down. I actually cut all the windows correctly this time but it still took hours. I must say though that two paintings that I thought were rather ho-hum are actually quite pleasing when framed. That was a nice surprise. When I finished I was so happy to dismantle my mat cutter and put it aside to hibernate for another year! It's been hogging space for too long on my central table. (two big flat files stacked on a stand with a piece of melamine coated board on top).

Re: Whew indeed!

Ooooh, you've got a SERIOUS one! I just have a little handheld Dexter, and crawl around on the floor to do it.*G*

Isn't it interesting what the right mat and frame can do for a painting? Though I have to tell you, I'm having trouble imagining one of yours being "ho-hum"!!

Re: Whew indeed!

You're too kind! Mine's a very old Logan 450 and was definitely worth the investment. I'm able to do a pretty decent job with it (especially if I remember to change the blades once in a while!) but would be hopeless with a handheld.

Re: Whew indeed!

I used to have a whole system for using it...unfortunately I can't remember what it WAS, other than it involved a hunk of oak flooring, which I've kept.

Re: Whew indeed!

Since every time I have to do matting I find I've forgotten the basics, I wrote up a direction sheet with diagrams that I follow when I come back to it. This time I discovered one more thing I need to add to my directions that saved me from my most common error--cutting the window and discovering it's bigger than the area I meant to expose of the painting (or bigger than the painting itself!). It's really cool how your blogging program provides a way to reply within the message that appears in my email.

Re: Whew indeed!

Writing up a sheet is a great idea! Been too long, for me...I used to show a fair amount in the 70s and 80s, but a LOT of water under the bridge since then. I just started dealing with trying to sell my work again about 5 y ears ago--hence the backlog!!

And yes, that's one of the things I really like about Live Journal!! I can answer individuals, or quote part of theirs and intersperse answers. Some of the blogger deals just do NOT get it for me. As many complaints as I've heard about Blogger, it's hard to see how anybody deals with it, I'm afraid...


Kate, I'm right there with you! No interest in anything, so much I need to be working on and not feeling like doing any of it. This is totally unlike me - so if we lived closer, we could commiserate together - ha ha. I hope and pray we are both back to normal soon.
Commiserate is good. Maybe we need more vitamin D.

Like me, you keep TERRIBLY busy, and I think it just catches up with you eventually. You have an awful lot of pulls on you in a lot of directions, too--I used to be at least that involved with my church, and it burned me out! Of course it was a tiny Episcopal church and everybody knew everyone (and their business) so that could get especially stressful.

I'm beginning to get that "I want to run away from home!!!" feeling...haven't ever DONE it, but the idea of just being out of touch with anyone for about a week is incredibly appealing sometimes...*rg*
And by the way that's part of why I thought your Yosemite class opportunity would be good, for you. Time away, doing something wonderful, in beautiful surroundings...