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September 2013



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The last Moggy report...

...we lost the fight, as we knew we would.  Both my vets had told me her liver was failing and there was no real bringing it back, just making her as comfortable as possible.  Neither of them thought it would be long, last week.

The last few days there's been virtually no quality of life for the poor old girl; her eyes looked rather sunken, and so did her sides; I think she was getting dehydrated again, after last week's IVs.  She wouldn't--or couldn't--eat, and it was a fight to give her her medication.  Used to be that was a piece of cake...it's like she decided she just didn't want it any more.

So, I let her go, this morning...and cried, as always.  The past week or so have been pretty grim, on a variety of fronts; guess it was just as well to get this over with, too. 

She really was a sweet old girl, even if I only got to know her for a brief time. 
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I'm so sorry. I wish we could cry together. I just had Freeway (see journal) put to sleep yesterday. I stayed with him through the whole procedure. I have never cried so hard in my life. Ever. I couldn't close my eyes last night to sleep. Each time I did, the movie wanted to replay itself. This is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Oh, Roma, I am so sorry about your sweet old Freeway, and how difficult it was for you and for your daughter. It's a very, very hard decision to have to make, and I became aware I'd been putting it off and ignoring the necessity for days now. Not fair to her, I think...

I stayed with Moggy, too, holding and petting and talking to her...I've never been able to just hand an animal over and tell my vet to do it for me. He's a very soft-hearted man, for all his crustiness, and I think I stay almost as much because of him as for my animals. (He must be terribly tired of my tears after all these years, but he's always been terrific...)

Freeway was so fortunate to have had you and your family...
I have to say I first looked at the pic, I mean the painting, it was as if it was alive. then I read about your cat, I'm so sorry; but you know, you caught her spirit in this painting, it's amazing!
Oh, no...I wish it were a painting, it's just a photo I took this past week. I wasn't up to painting her, though I thought about it, and may do later, from this shot. I liked it too...
Thank you, sweetie...it was much better for her to be warm and safe through this icy winter than to die alone outdoors, I know.
ohhhh--i'm so sorry. i wondered if she was going to be able to stay until spring. it seems she just wanted enough time to have a good sit on joseph, to tell him to take care of the nice lady who took her in. i'm sad that she is gone--but i say it again: she was a wise cat, indeed, who chose to come and end her days with the gentle kate. she is warm and in company now, and they are telling tales about that painter lady who lives in that quaint little town, and loves kitties so well...
How is it that you always manage to touch me so with your wise and understanding words? Yes, it was almost as if she waited to meet him...I couldn't believe it when she left her usual lair and crawled up on his lap, and then stayed in that chair for days after he had to leave.

Loving, both people and animals, is so hard, so painful...but God does it ever beat not being able to love. It's glorious too, isn't it...
poor sweet moggie. you were her guardian angel, to comfort her and love her in her last days. i am sure you brightened it up a lot for her.
Thank you, dear Mei. I guess that's true--she got a great deal of loving attention while she was here. I sketched her a lot, too, because, in part, I realized she would be temporary once I discovered how bad her liver was. Poor kit...
{{{Big hugs}}} and shared tears. I can't really add anything to what has already been said but just know that I ache w/ you. She died w/ a name, a home, and w/ someone who loved her - even for the short time it was, I believe it meant the world to Moggy.
Thank you, Dee...I almost wish I'd called her something besides Moggy, that being the generic in England for a stray cat, but she knew her name and didn't seem to mind.

I keep looking for her in her usual spots...they're pretty empty right now.
What a beautiful soul (both of you). It is so hard to say, "So long for now". My Heidi will no doubt show her the good spots to sun herself amongst the stars.
I will count on Heidi to do just that. Moggy needs lots of sun--she always loved finding the warmest places. That's one thing I love about this old house--LOTS of light, and when the sun pours in the windows there is always at least one cat where it is brightest and warmest. At night she plastered herself against the furnace vent!
I'm sorry to hear of her passing. She was and remains a sweetie, and I'm glad she got to know you, if only for a little while.
I'm glad we had eachother. She came shortly after I lost my sweet beloved Scoutie, and taking care of Mogs diverted me somewhat from the pain of losing Scout.

Of course today sucks, since now I miss them BOTH.*rg*

"All of these comments are making me verklempt."

Ya, me too. I love cat people...animal people of any kind, really. They've got kind, tender hearts.

And if you're right about Moggy, then God willing the dreadful dandruff and funky smell are gone and only her bright spirit remains!
Thank you, sweet thing. Wish I could have done more, but there wasn't a magic wand in the world that would fix that.
Thanks, sweet thing, huggles are GOOD. My other kitties seem to agree, they've all been very affectionate this evening.


I agree with what everyone has said and can't add any more. My heart aches for you right now and it took 3 kleenexes to read through the comments.
It will be interesting to see who pops up on your porch next!
Lots of Love to you!
Thank you Miss Brenda. The comments have been really beautiful and consoling...I have some truly wonderful friends here.

And of course Oliver has already popped up...though not on my porch. He was deliberately adopted to help out my friend Susan, as I said a few days ago--and because I've adored him forever!

He's old too, though...but in good health, thank God!
Thank you, Bethy! I think she got a little tired of being sketched and painted, but I just felt this NEED...

And hugs are most welcome, trust me! You're a darling.


I'm so so sorry

Kate ... this has been quite a time for you ... I'm glad you got to know her and yet I'm sorry for your loss .... big hugs, cara!


Re: I'm so so sorry

Thank you, Miss Lin...like you, I seem to be "in for it" for a bit. We'll both get through it. KEEP SKETCHING. I'm trying to...

In fact I think this afternoon I may pack up my stuff and go for some interior sketching, maybe at our historic hotel, since it seems to be wanting to snow again...
Big smooshy hugs to you Kate....... so sorry you had to let sweet Moggy go. You gave the sweet girl a grand life while she lived with you! A cat's dream!
Thank you...I'm a real sucker for these poor homeless things, and I think they know it somehow. The real independent strays or those who belong elsewhere run like heck when I open the door. Moggy just moved in.
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