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September 2013



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Turning a corner...

Out by the Mill, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

...things are calming, a bit, I think. I got to talk to my future mother in law last night, and though she sounded weak, she sounded GOOD. What a lovely woman she is...

No idea yet when she'll get to go home (or when J. will go back to work on the other side of the country), but at least ever so much better. One step at a time.

So since I'm here in the middle, and the weather finally got better, I headed out to paint. I feel more like myself when I can do that; I feel saner. The fresh breeze blows away my tension and worry...the beauty feeds my soul. Trying to capture a bit of it on paper helps me to focus.

This little painting ISN'T what I did the other day, though...it was in the watercolor block I keep in the Jeep, and I'd forgotten all about it. I had to move it before I could work on the tree up on Siloam Mountain.

Dealing with a lot of business stuff, orders, future class plans, present students and all, so I've been feeling very scattered. I need the time out in nature to pull myself back into my skin.

This is the one I did up on the mountain which is really a hill, but oh well...) day before yesterday; yesterday I made it out to Watkins again but haven't scanned the little sketch of the frozen lake and long afternoon shadows...


oh, get out the longjohns and shovels! it sounds like we are in for a siege! you'll have to paint some snow for us, after you get yours!

i love the scenery out by the mill...i'd love to see it in a summer setting, as well, with long grass blowing along the slope...

i'm longing for spring. the smell of that hyacinth, blooming in the living room is making me crazy. and the promise of big snow is only mitigated by knowing i don't have to work on monday. time to lay in food for grandpa, and hope we can celebrate a birthday, and not a snow day for him!
Ugh, more snow??? I was just loving the mild weather...though I'll admit I didn't get out in it today.

I have a hyacinth in the living room too--I buy mine by scent, what's your criteria? The white ones smelled strongest....*G*

And yes, the mill is really cool, year round...

Good luck with the birthday!


Love your work

I have one of your books - Textures in Watercolour - which I love. I have added your blog to my bloglist at http://katesmudges.blogspot.com/ . I am in awe of the amazing number of drawings you have here.

Re: Love your work

Thank you very much! And your blog is nice, love the rocking chair...


So happy to hear that J's mom is improving! ALSO, very happy to hear you got out while the weather was mild and got yourself a good dose of plein air!! I love all your Watkins Mill paintings -- this one is very serene and warm somehow (must be the luscious golden pigments).
Thanks for keeping us up to date here!!
Hi Miss Brenda...thank you for the kind words! I'm surprised I can keep up, myself, I feel like I could sleep about a week!