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September 2013



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Life's in a bit of a slump...

...and not surprisingly, I guess.  This week was to have been our stress-free, non-family time together, after the last few big travel deals to California and Nevada and Christmas and birthday and all.  Just spending time with friends and snuggling and cooking together and maybe some painting, etc.

The weather was so iffy, with the ice and snow both here and there, that we weren't sure he could even GET here last Thursday, and that part of it was pretty much a nightmare...lines at the DC airport were 75 yards long before they ever got up to security.  Fortunately his daughter works for an airline, got them transferred to the smaller terminal at Midwest, and there were only 2 people ahead of them. 

His daughter came in on the same flight, visiting a friend in Kansas; we hadn't met before, so I stressed--unnecessarily, it turns out--about that.  We ended up laughing and giggling together, and teasing "dad" unmercifully.   We ganged up on him...and it was fun, poor man.

Things went downhill from there, though...no sooner got home from dropping off his daughter than we found out his mom was not well--by that first night she was in the hospital, bleeding internally.  It's been a nonstop roller coaster ever since.  As soon as he could get a flight, early Monday morning, he was on his way to California.  I'm so frustrated to be HERE and not know what's happening--though they don't, either. 

They thought she'd had a heart attack, then that she hadn't, then that she had.  They thought the bleeding was from her Cumadin, got that regulated and under control and gave her transfusions...now she's bleeding again and is scheduled for a colonoscopy today.  He's scared, and so is his father--and I'm sure his mom is too. 

I know she's 85, but I would love a nice, long time to be a good daughter-in-law to her.  She really didn't have that before...and we get along SO well.

So, we wait.

On other fronts, Moggy's home, but really not expected to last.  Her liver's pretty much shot, poor old girl.  We picked her up Saturday morning, and she's back on all her medication.  She actually crawled up in Joseph's lap on Saturday, though they'd never met, and he held her while he read.  She's still hanging out in that same chair--she'd never claimed that one before.  I don't think she's eating much--I can't interest her in the AD Feline food they sent home with her.  I've tried to draw her, but without much success...

Did manage these of Miss Pooh...

...but really, haven't been able to draw anything worth beans.  Everything I drew of Joseph looks NOTHING like him.  I did manage one photo that was all-too-representative of the weekend, poor man.  The phone rang constantly...

I wish I were with him, out there...and I want to see his mom.

But...here I am, and I have a mountain of work to catch up on.  My classes are in full swing, and the students are being wonderful, but I DO feel behind with them.  I've gotten orders to fill and work to do, and that's what I've been doing, for the most part.

That and worrying, which accomplishes exactly nothing.

VERY glad to have Oliver to focus on...he's being wonderful, loving, and sweet.

And I got to meet the darling Finn, my new godson, yesterday, and see his mom, Rachel, whom I adore--also wonderful...

Life DOES go on, even if you can't draw worth beans.


Your cat sketch is a delight. E-J (EDM)
Thank you, EJ! She's my baby!
Life does go on... Sorry about J's mother - I will add her to my prayers. I do pray that she'll recover and you and she will have long years of being family. I wish you could be there w/ J too.
My MIL is in the last stages of dying - Hospice has called us in several times the past week. It's been a bad week for us too.
Poor Moggie, and poor Kate! You did your best for her and I know it's awful when it's not enough - we were adopted by a kitten that lived 10days w/ us before we had to make that decision. He was so starved that he was beyond saving and his organs began to fail even though we were hand-feeding him round the clock plus vet trips, etc. It has been a comfort to me that he died w/ a name and a family who loved him and that we did everything w/in our power to save him. He opened our hearts to accepting other cats into our lives as they are pointed our way. That was in 1996. We named him Little Blue, he was a Russian Blue like my fat cat Blue aka BooBoo.
Big Hugs, Dee
Oh, Dee. Hugs right back to you...I know this is a tough time.

Poor Mogs indeed...she really seems sluggish now. She looks spiky and her backbone is protruding, even though she still looks rather chubby.

I can just see Little Blue...he was fortunate to find you and your tender heart.
I was happy to read that J's mom is doing so much better. And thank you, it is a tough time w/ Mike's mom. Whitney is devastated, she had such a close relationship to her grandmother and she has grieved for these 3 plus yrs but it has been grieving anew in these final days.

I do believe we were fortunate that Little Blue found us - he opened our hearts again.
Dreading and fearing something for so long is debilitating. I hope Whitney can deal with all this.

And yes, opening our hearts is what those little creatures do best, I think!


Oh, I'm so sorry, sweet Kate, though I know from something else you posted that the latest news on your mother-in-law-to-be is good, so you must be feeling much less stressed now. I'm sure your drawing and painting will now come more easily, too. I'm on dial-up this week, so have been spotty in communication, but you know I'm sending calming, loving thoughts.
Hi, darling girl. You are MISSED this week! Yes, I just talked to him a bit ago, he sounds better and says she is in much better spirits.

I went out to the post office late this afternoon and found myself up on top of Siloam Mountain (which is really just a hill) to get some air. Soon, I found myself sketching...

Then rather than go home, I turned the Jeep's nose to the country, rolled down the windows and just flew over those old gravel roads out where I used to live. It felt GOOD.

And of course I know you are sending loving thoughts; I could feel them. I have thought of you often this week and hope you are having a WONDERFUL time.