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September 2013



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The Moggy Report--again

For those who are following the saga of this poor old kitty that showed up on my doorstep around Thanksgiving...she's back at the vets' as of this afternoon.  She hadn't been doing much the last week...sleeping, lying about, wandering in for water, dry food, etc.  Yesterday she seemed a bit dehydrated, and today she was throwing up and apparently hurting some, so I took her back out to the vet.

She's on an IV to try to re-hydrate her, and they're putting her back on the liver medication, steroids, and antibiotics, but that's what we did for weeks in December and January, so...not feeling terribly hopeful.  My vet says her liver's in pretty bad shape--she may have gotten into something before she showed up here, sick, or she could have liver cancer.  Not so good...he wasn't very encouraging.

So good thoughts for this poor old mog would be much appreciated...hard to believe someone would dump a sick cat, but that seems to have been what happened to her.
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This sound very much like what we are going through with our fourteen year old dog, Freeway. It is agonizing. My heart goes out to you and applauds your generous heart for taking this cat in.
Thank you very much...best to you and your sweet old Freeway.
Good thoughts coming your way. *sigh It amazes me how some ppl can throw animals away like garbage - right now we have a dog and 4 of 6 cats who were all dumped and then found their way to us. That's not counting other rescues over the years that became part of our family.

Sorry to hear Moggy's condition is so grim again. {{{{big hugs}}}}

Take care, Dee

Thank you, Dee...your animals are so fortunate to find you!
Oh no ... I was hoping that she had turned a corner. I will wish the best for the Mog ...with hugs for Kate and Kate's lover ....
She does seem to feel better after going back to the vet and having IVs and all...a little more active. She actually crawled up in Joseph's lap and stayed there for a long time...surprised me, since they hadn't met!
I'll continue to keep her in my prayers. Poor girl!

But at least she has a loving home now. That's the important part.
Thank you, Jen! Yes, she's getting TLC now!
Awwww... I was really hoping that she'd be okay.

But, having lived in rural areas, I know that people do sometimes drop off animals with problems, figuring that it's better for them to die in the wild, as if that's more natural. *sigh*

I'm sending healing energy in her direction, and in yours. If it's her time to go, I hope that it's as peaceful and easy as possible.
Yes, we've had a lot of animals dumped on us over the years--when we lived on our farm, and after we moved to town. Moggy's a sweet girl, so trying to give her the best we can, for however long she has. We picked her up at the vet's on Saturday, and she seems to feel a bit better again...


Now I understand why you were feeling down yesterday,sweet K. I'm so sorry Mog's having bad troubles. I'm summoning up all the optimism I can muster and sending it your way.
I do appreciate that, sweetie. As I told you elsewhere, it was a bit more than that, too...life gets terribly complex sometimes!
good thoughts here....
Thank you, the poor old girl can use them!
poor mog--and poor kate. you are such a good petmom, and i know she has become a part of the family. i'm still glad she had the sense to turn up on your doorstep, though...she has been warm and cared for, and has had such a better life than she would have had on the outside, alone.

you are both in my prayers and heart today.
Oh, yes, I'm sure she wouldn't have survived this winter! She is pretty pampered here...we picked her up Saturday and she seems a bit more active. Sat on Joseph's lap for the longest time...



So sad, as the lucky companion of many cats and dogs and a horse over the years,(currenty I am owned by a cat, two dogs and a horse) I feel for you and this cat, she is certainly lucky to have found you - you have a sweet heart as well and tremendous talent.

Re: Moggie

Thank you, Sandy, I guess she IS lucky...it's safe and warm here, and she gets medication and food and a warm bed.
Oh, poor kitty! I just love cats, I have one who is 19 and a half years old. :)
My sweet old Fuzz was 22! That was pretty amazing...


re: Moggy report

A kitten showed up on our deck yesterday but dashed off when we approached. We left a can of food out for it, and the kitten returned to eat it all. Then it returned with what I suppose was its momma, but we didn't have any more food set out. I suppose the kitten is too feral to ever be domesticated.

Re: Moggy report

I don't know, when I was a kid we caught a feral kitten someone had dumped in the woods, and after he calmed down he was the BEST cat, for years and years...