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September 2013



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Gallery 105

Well. WOW. We've got a new co-op gallery in Excelsior Springs and it's been a TON of work. The Excelsior Springs Museum and Archives is co-sponsoring, along with the Downtown Merchants Association and the museum is allowing us space.

They've just rehabbed an old hotel and done a MARVELOUS job--we share with the Museum, and it seems to be a good marriage.

We survived the weekend--and the opening of the gallery--and then some! It was RIGHT up to the wire, hanging the last of the labels as the public arrived Friday night.

The grand opening started at 5 on Friday night, the wine had just arrived, and we were still hanging the last of the labels as the public began to wander in the door! The museum people have been fantastic, and donations of labor and supplies have been incredible.

Ambassador Signs even did a new sign for us, gratis, and hung it the
afternoon of the opening. Wow...it's gorgeous.

The drawing is of one of Richard Sassone's sculptures, and the young man is Chris, artist and brother of Andy, whose new gallery, The Being, will be open for the art crawls that start next month.

It was so much fun--we were at one of those spots when there was more chatting than work going on, and because I'm an impatient sort I distracted myself with sketching. Chris sat beside me, and began asking all sorts of questions while I sketched him--where had I studied, was I self taught, what mediums did I prefer, did I sketch all the time, did it bother me to work in public...finally he just said "You're my HERO!!"

Hey, it's pretty cool, at my age, to be a hero to a hip young artist kid!

I did a photo album of the hanging and opening on Yahoo, if you'd like to see:

Better yet, come for a visit in person--105 E. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, MO!

Siiiigh...you used to be able to rearrange the photos in Yahoo photo albums, but I can't seem to find that function now--I would have liked to have a logical progression, along with some "before" pictures, but Yahoo won't let me put them in order, and I didn't want to add them to my Flickr album--for me, that's more art and teaching oriented.

Anyway, it was a lovely party with LOTS of people.



I love the sketch. the blue color looks great. congrats to the opening!

Re: lovely

Thank you!

Kinda nice just being a worker bee in the gallery...


It LOOKED like so much fun! I checked out the album earlier ;D. Why only one pic of you, though?? Everyone looked so pleased to be there and the work seemed to be of very high quality. I was surprised that people weren't more warmly dressed, though.
Hi sweet Xoxa! Well, only one of me because it was my camera.*G* Andy grabbed it since for a quick shot because I was holding his and Susan's adorable baby, my new godchild. (Ooooh her little head smells good!)

The response really was lovely, and I saw lots of old friends I hadn't seen in years. Most people wanted to know why I didn't have anything in the gallery, but ya know, I have things at Olde English, two doors down, and in the ES Fine Arts Gallery, seemed sort of like overkill to go for three! :-)

There was a nice coat rack for peoples' heavy coats--mine was a floor-length down coat, and it felt GOOD by the time we left. With all the bodies, it was plenty warm in the gallery itself...
Wow-- finally! After so much work! Hurrah!
Thanks, girl! I KNOW you know how much work that is! The building was a real disaster, wish I had pictures of all the work the museum people did, it was astounding!
Congrats on the new gallery. I realy like the blue in today's drawing. :)
Thank you! The ink sketch just needed a kick in the pants.*G*
"Anyway, it was a lovely party with LOTS of people."

And I KNOW how much you love THAT! *G*

Looking forward to seeing it this weekend...

...afterwards... *WG*

Yeah, but...

Well, see, hon, there are times and there are times, and there are parties and there are PARTIES.

A big party like Christmas, full of people I don't know, people who knew YOU, people who knew your ex WIFE, people that your parents are tight with, when your parents are in fact there, and everybody's wondering who this silver-haired chickie is with Joseph--well, yeah, I dreaded that.

It was fun, turned out, but I'm not impressed with money and don't care diddly about status, as well you know. The fact that there were lovely paintings to look at and two people there who were artists certainly made it a MUCH nicer occasion, and you'd made sure I brought my security blanket--er, sketchbook. ;-) And that was a hit.

So between all that and my pitching in to help rather than sitting around like a bump, and I was fine. They were nice people. But still people I don't know from Adam.

Big Party HERE meant I got to be with the Bowens, jerk Keith's chain, listen to Jeri play, and hug Jeni. I could joke with Betty, see Carl and Linda and get hugs, sing with good old Darryl, see the sweet and lovely Eleanor whom I haven't seen in years, kid Bob and Nile and Andy and his bro Chris (from the drawing with this post), tease Richard, help Jytte, be with OUR Andy and Susan, and hold Birgitta.

In addition, it's interesting to hang with artists, and there was free food and good wine.

AND I could pretend I was going to do the Dance of the Seven Veils with the tulle that Ginger had brought to cover Keith's pottery table.

And that was BEFORE the free wine... >;-)

Every small town needs an eccentric, outspoken old artist chickie who dresses funny and lives with cats. I guess I'm filling that void.*GGG*

Besides these were a lot of old friends and people I'd known for 30 years. Let's say I'm a lot more comfortable in that situation!!

AND, perhaps best of all, I didn't have anything in the show, so no worries about whether any of these darling people was going to shake loose with a checkbook.

But yeah, I am looking forward to showing it to you...afterward, you naughty man...
wow! i wish i had the time, right now--this sounds like an excellent road trip opportunity!
How about for one of the art crawls, starting next month? 2nd Friday?? Maybe we could have a sketchcrawl earlier the same day!!

(And what's with LJ not keeping me logged in so it thinks I'm anonymous?!?!)
dang. i wish it was possible to get time off without either breaking a limb or putting in for it at least four months in advance. i'm so looking forward to going part time and/or retiring in a few years. time for that family of mine to get a life/job so i can get a life, too.
I wish you could, too! Getting a life is COOL...*rg*