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September 2013



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Harris @ 40+

Harris @ 40+
Originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.
Funny how hard it is to capture the essence of someone you know so well. Or knew...Harris has been gone nearly 10 years now, and this was from the photo taken nearly 30 years before his death. I was caught between how he looked then and how he looked in later years...always the deep-set blue-blue eyes, always the big honker, but still...trying to capture WHO he was not just how he looked at a particular point in time. Quite the challenge...


you've caught the gentleness in his eyes with a quiet, sweet determination in his mouth. i can see music in him...

Well, he had the music, so I'm told. Isn't that odd? I never once heard him play. Bought him two saxophones during our years together, plus a flute and a keyboard, and he never played on of 'em.
music is something that one carries inside, whether or not one plays. it's always there, waiting for the moment that the soundrack is called upon to accompany some part of life. and then, we smile, even if we are the only ones hearing the tune. it gives joy, comfort, silliness, and soothing on demand.

and you hear it, too, don't you??! i see the music in your visual compositions, in the play of colors, and the angle at which you view things. yeah. you hear it, too...
You are such a poet, my friend...

...and yes, I hear it too. Life often has a soundtrack running in my head. (Right now it's "You are the sunshine of my life..." and has been for a couple of days. No idea why...)
i think it is harris, smiling at your rendition of him...and he knows that sunshine warms our hearts, and spreads to others through us. it is to be shared.
He was definitely one of my best models--patient and willing, if a bit wiggly. (Actually a LOT of artists have found him interesting--he was being painted before I ever met him!)

And I think you're right--I married him for his sense of humor.*G* (Sure wasn't for his money. He had two shirts, a pair of slacks, a toothbrush, and half a can of tuna.*G*)
yeah--like i married mine for his luxurious head of hair (HAH!!) and his fat wallet....he was pumping gas for a local station. i made more as a nurse's aide than he did...luckily, we are still laughing, after all these years!
I think overall we've been very fortunate in our choice of men, eh? LAUGHING gets you through so much...that's one thing kateslover and I do very well together.
fortunate, blessed, lucky--whatever hand of the universe moved these guys in the right place at the right time--i'll take it! laughter is probably the most important thing, next to a solid friendship. one can laugh with a friend, live with a friend, love a friend, and forgive a friend so much more than a mere lover. we are, indeed, fortunate ladies!

All of the above!

I'll take it too!

"A mere lover..." Perfect. Yes, Harris was my friend, and so is Joseph. Best ever...
Thanks, sweetie! I was just reading your LJ late last night and noticed your beautiful new icon! Meant to comment, but I think I spaced...
Yer welcome, girl! I hope marriage is treating you well--looks like it! (OK, except you look a wee bit sad.*G*)
Reminds me of a photo of my sweetie, in which he told me he was leering at the camera. Um...it was a lovely smile...*g*

Just don't go getting collagen injections in those lips, girlfriend!
Yah, I was thinking not.*G*


I actually gave a little gasp when I saw this. There's so much emotion here - it reaches out and grabs you. I'd say you've met the challenge. Casey
Well, thank you, Casey--I'm honored.

I'm also still tweaking, may have to upload the changes...it's still not quite THERE. (If he were a stranger, it would be fine--but I lived with that man 32 years! I KNOW that face!)
The painting is wonderful. One can see the emotions you've put into it.
Thank you very much--he had a very expressive face, and I really love painting people.


Harris 40+

This is just so beautiful, you've succeeded to convey what you feel right from that page to your viewer, me...This is special.

Re: Harris 40+

Thank you, so much, Ronell...that's a wonderful thing to say.
It's beautiful...

Thank you, Madeline! I'm almost sorry it's in my journal, rather than something I could frame. But on the other hand I think an occasional look will be better.*rg*



Oh Kate, your words and pictures bring me to tears - life is so bitter sweet.

Re: Harris

It is at that, isn't it? But I try never to forget the "sweet"...