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September 2013



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New auctions up last night!

I got four new auctions up on eBay last night...some of the 5 x 7" watercolor, watercolor pencil, and ink ones, including the one of my sister's big old sleeping cat, Aslan, above!  He's the coolest cat in the world...he'll do that in the middle of a hard tile floor, just flop down and he's OUT.

Since I haven't quite figured out how the "new" LJ handles live links to your auctions, I'll just give you the URL...please, browse around once you get there and check out some of the other new offerings!


The link to my store, where you can see thumbnails of auction and gallery art all together, is http://stores.ebay.com/Cathy-Johnson-Fine-Art-Galleries

My other favorite of the latest offerings is this one:

It was done with waterproof India ink and a Pentel Pocketbrush, with just a touch of watercolor added...



I love the cat painting

That may be my favorite cat painting ever. Are all watercolorists cat people, or does it just seem that way?

Re: I love the cat painting

Well, thank you! That's such a typical pose for him!

And I don't know if we all are or not, but I'm guessing probably not.

Just seems that way.*G* They ARE great models!


Re: I love the cat painting

That was me(Casey) by the way!

Re: I love the cat painting

Oh HI, Casey! That's the one thing I wish LJ did like Blogger, have a place for non-LJ users to sign in, so I'd know! (And thank you again.*G*)

Re: I love the cat painting

"Are all watercolorists cat people"

NO!! I'm a dog guy, but it appears I'm going to have cats inflicted on me for the rest of my life... *G*

Re: I love the cat painting

Cats which, incidentally, you love. Doofus.*G*
oh, yeah...we loves us a cat belly! he looks like a wonderful feline...and with a name like aslan, well...hard to expect anything but!
He is indeed very cool! My sis and brother in law are his willing slaves.*G*


wow! that was so good...

best greetings to all!

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Thank you!