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September 2013



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Winter soup...

Don't ask me why, but my dear friend Laura's blog at  laurelines.typepad.com
inspired me to make a winter soup today, with things I had on hand that just sounded GOOD together.  (Her celeriac and onion drawing is just stunning.  No wonder it made me want to make something delicious!)

I had parsnips I hadn't used yet, and a winter squash (acorn) that needed cooking, and I hadn't found buttermilk in an age--bought some of that the other day, too.  Soooo...

I cooked the squash and parsnips and mashed them with an old-fashioned potato masher, chopped and sautee'd a yellow onion in butter and olive oil and dumped it in with the other veggies.  Then I thinned to soup consistency with buttermilk, added salt, garlic, and copious amounts of really good curry powder my beloved and insanely talented eldest godchild gave me (her webpage is here, if you don't believe me! annbrownphotography.com/)--and THANK YOU, ANN!!

I added just a touch of good chunk-style peanut butter (YES it's good!) and garnished it with Joseph's BBQ rub and a little bit of the Stribling's Orchard hot sauce he gave me.  Oh, my, yes...

I wish I'd had chicken broth to cook the veggies with but the can I had was dated 2003 and had a rusty bottom...not worth it...

At any rate, that is some luscious wintry soup, just right for a 10 degree day...


umm..my favourite sort of soup..love those parsnips!!i've been making homemade veggie broth out of all my veggie bits..i add that to my soup and i make a clear miso style breakfast soupo also. I could live on this stuff..and brown rice and winter squash..but i think it's a bit fattening>
I've never had breakfast soup, but I've certainly had cold pizza for breakfast.*G* Yours sounds GOOD.
oh! when i lived in Mass. we had a place that made the best peanut butter soup and fiddlehead fern soup. It was called Dennys Pantry..and had a big sign saying that they weren't related to the chain. I hope they are still open, i've only been out here a little over a year, but my little town took that time to do some changes.
I LOVE peanut butter soup! Sometimes I make it the easy way, with one of Campbell's cream soups for a base, add peanut butter and garlic, maybe some extra onion...mmmmm!

And yes, towns do change quickly, I hope Denny's Pantry's still there too. I just love those little individual places. Chains are BORING.
it used to seem like things changed everywhere but where i lived..our old town fought to keep Walmart out which got us into the national headlines some years ago. Now i hear they have a large warehouse plce like Costco and even a Staples.

I remember when you had to drive an hour to see a new movie and i've been known to drive 45 mil4es roundtrip just to get hot asian take away. heh. I suppose some change is good, but i have avoiided going back for 10 years..i think it's going to have changed too much..or be eenough the same that i'll miss it again.

Luckily, my new town,( after 9 years of living in a small but overly populated (to me) upper middle class suburb of San Francisco), is a nice mix. I'm near the ocean, in a decent sized spread out town with dairy farms etc also..not far to ride to San Francisco 25 minutes?). And surrounded by rolling hills.

in new england, we weren't suburban and if it wasn't college and boarding school country, it would have been a cultural wasteland. I am never bored here..always something new to see..don't have to spend money to do things. (altho it is kind of expensive to live in the bay area.)

And yay! Dennys Pantry is still open:)

I can understand driving that far for good Asian!

And ooooh, envious, SF 25 minutes away...wow.

My silly town had the opportunity to sell the old veterans' hospital to a college, but they decided they didn't want all the hassle of college kids all over. Grmph...I LOVE college towns!

But the decision was made before I ever moved here, in the 70s, so oh well. It's a nice rural town that we're TRYING to infuse with a little culture, and right now it's neither fish nor fowl, quite. Sort of a flying fish...*G*
Rural is good..my old town was the county seat..maybe a bit of a cultural wasteland in some ways..but i reallyliked it. Still..i'm happy to be here in this area now..aand boy..i really mossed cows just living 20 minutes aouth of here for 9 years,
Ours was an old spa town, so we're pretty far from our Glory Days! Cows are cool, aren't they? I love living in a town where I can drive for 5 minutes and see livestock!


This sounds and looks so good, Cucina Cate! I'm still gathering things for my package to you and now you've given me some more ideas!
It's going to be Christmas in Missouri!! We loves presentesssssss!

And yes, it was GOOD. Yum...think I'm going to freeze some for when J. gets here!