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September 2013



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Yesterday's Art Tip announcement letter...

This is the announcement newsletter I send out when I get a new art tip up on my website, the "friends and family" version--I figure you guys are that. :-)  I finally had to split my mailing list into 5 manageable chunks, because it wouldn't send in Outlook Express!  The friends and family list is mostly not those who have subscribed but just what it says, plus a few business contacts! .;-)

I had a bunch of email addresses that were dead or bouncy, so I finally took the time to delete all of these, too, after my last tip.  So many bounced that my ISP thought I was having virus or spam issues!

Anyway, if you didn't get this, here 'tis.  And if you'd LIKE to, since I don't always remember to post it here, you can sign up at my website, http://cathyjohnson.info !


I do hope you're all well and safe, the weather's been a bit beastly around
here!  I feel very fortunate to have a warm(ish!) home and lots of layers of
clothes...and to finally have kicked the chest cold that seemed to have
become a permanent resident.  I know a lot of you were fighting the same
thing, so here's hoping you feel as much better as I do!

My dear friend Angela is looking toward sending her son off to Iraq again in
a week, so good thoughts for her and her family, please--and ALL our sons
and daughters, sweethearts, wives and husbands.

I bought a new version of WordPerfect and the latest Adobe Acrobat last
month hoping to solve my PDF-making problems, and though it's been an uphill
fight, I think I've made it!  Feels good to be making progress again..<g>

And now, on to the announcement letter...(yes, I HAVE been busy, and I'm
willing to bet so have you!)

Hi all, and welcome to all our new members!  There's been quite a rush since
the last tip went out, and I have no idea why--but as always, I'm delighted
you're here.  That's one of my favorite kinds of mystery...

Tip #60 is a further exploration of watercolor pencils and the differences
in some of the new types.  As I said in the tip, Faber-Castell's Albrecht
Durer pencils are still my favorites, but the new Inktense and Graphitint
pencils are fascinating, and very different from eachother.

You can see more examples of both in my Flickr album, at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/25146557@N00/ --there's a set dedicated to
watercolor pencils there.

Watercolor pencils are convenient and portable, and interesting to
experiment with--whether you're doing a completed, full-color painting or a
single-color line drawing for a sketch, they're great fun!

By the way, Dick Blick Studio is running a nice sale on some of their
watercolor pencils, you might want to check it out--the sale prices are good
through March 11, and I'm stocking up myself!  I just got their sale catalog
in the mail, but you can also order online at http://dickblick.com --there's
a link to their clearance items .

And nope, I don't get a cut from Blick, just passing along the news. ;-)


Speaking of watercolor pencils, I've recently offered signed copies of my
North Light book, _Watercolor Pencil Magic_, on Amazon--my seller name is
graphicart--but you can always get them on my webpage, too.  At least till I
run out, since it's out of print!


The April 2007 issue of Watercolor Magic is out and I have a big article in
it, for the Watercolor Essentials column.  It's on painting spring and
summer, and as I look out my window at the 12-degree day and the wintry sun
shining on the snow, I think I LIKE thinking about getting out to paint in
nature again!  Green's going to look pretty good to me by the time spring

They also asked me to do part of the Q & A column--it feels like old times!

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, be watching for it, it's on the
way--and let me--and the magazine!--know what you think.  Feedback is always


The new Watercolor Online class starts up next week, February 6--I'll be
taking students until this Sunday afternoon, so if you've been waiting to
take that particular class, now's the time!

You can find it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/watercolor_online/ --and if
you've already registered but haven't signed up on the group website, please
do!  That's where the classes actually take place, with 6 illustrated
lessons in PDF form to download, homework, how-to's, feedback and a real
classroom feeling.

But it's a classroom that could never happen in the real world, because in
the wonderful world of the "VIRTUAL" classroom, we have students from all
over the world, all together in class at one time.  The international flavor
is fascinating and revitalizing, and as good for the teacher as for the

All this for $60, it would be hard to beat!

* I also have a free alumni/students list that you're welcome to join--of
course it is just for those who have been or are presently students, but
it's a wonderful group and very supportive and informative.


* I'm working on several new CDs, one of which is in a new series, "Elements
of Landscape."  This first one will be on trees, and I hope to keep the
price around $10--so do watch my CafePress store or my website!  The art is
all finished, but I've had problems with writing the PDFs, so it got put on
hold till I solved the software incompatibilities.

* The first one in this new batch, though, will be Volume 2 of "Drawn from
Life; An Artist's Journal."  As I said, I've finally figured out how to make
the PDFs with my new software (as of YESTERDAY), so I can finish it
up--hopefully by the time classes start!

This CD covers my journals for a rather long stretch of time--a lot was
happening in my life, some sad, some difficult, and some very happy, along
with a great deal of work with books and articles, and I didn't always have
time to fill my journals as quickly as I normally do.

There are images scanned directly from my personal journals, along with five
articles on journal keeping, materials and supplies and other aspects of the
journaling process.

* I'm also almost finished with Tour #2, "An Artist's View of an Old Spa
Town; Excelsior Springs, MO," which is really a virtual sketchcrawl, like
the first in the series!

I hope it will inspire you to come visit our town in person--perhaps we can
organize a REAL sketchcrawl here or at nearby Watkins Mill State Park.  (I'm
planning several of these, and will let you know dates as soon as I have
them set!)

The "Artist's View" CD includes photos that try to capture some of the
interesting architectural details, history, and beauty of this area--feel
free to paint or draw from any of them, they were taken BY and artist, FOR
artists!  I've also included some of my own work, as I did on Tour #1, to
show you some of my favorite places.  (Of course the original art is

And by the way, I put the "Watercolor Basics" CD on sale for the holidays
and seem to have just left it--so we'll call it a Valentine's Day sale, now!

* CafePress is running its own Valentine's Day sale on shipping, which is
free on orders of $50 or more, I see!  Might be a good time to make an
order, if you'd been intending to.


You'll find the CDs on my CafePress store, as always, at
http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson, or in the new section on my own

The marvelous Miss Sonya at http://morgansites.com and I have just updated
the site again, and added the CDs here:
http://www.cathyjohnson.info/books.html --but wherever you find them, I hope
you enjoy them!


As noted last time, the grand opening of Gallery 105, the new co-op gallery
in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, is February 9, from 5 pm - 9 pm, and there
will be lots of great art as well as good chatter and plenty of
refreshments, so come prepared to have a great time!

The gallery is a project of the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, in
conjunction with the Excelsior Springs Museum and Archives, and you'll find
it at 105 E. Broadway.  It's a great use of an historic building, sharing a
wall with the Museum itself.  (Don't miss the Museum while you're in the

The planned Excelsior Springs fine art crawls will start up in March, with a
variety of galleries and shops involved--I'll be sure to let you know where
and when!


If you love online art blogs as much as I do, travel ones especially, don't
miss Julie Oakley's wonderfully quirky and inspiring record of her walks,
all One Mile from Home!  Julie works in a variety of mediums, and her
dedication is amazing.  You'll find her here:

Another of my favorites is Katherine Tyrrell's Travels with a Sketchbook
blog, here: http://travelsketch.blogspot.com/  Katherine works mostly with
colored pencil in her travel blogs, and the drawings are marvelous.  (Poke
around a bit to find her other sites, as well--you won't be sorry.)

From the travel sketchbooks above, maybe you can tell I'm wishing I were out
and about instead of huddled indoors with my fleece tunic and down
comforter!  I hope you are all keeping well and warm in the crazy weather
we've been having in the Northern Hemisphere...COLD, windy, icy, brrrrr!!


i bought one of your books today when i was at the art university bookstore/art supply store! creating textures in watercolor. i like the foxes! :) i am hoping to advance my watercolor skills some this year!
Oh, good, Mei, I hope you enjoy it! It's been one of my most popular books!

And I think advancing our skills is mostly a matter of practice--keep me up on how you do, OK?