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September 2013



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Oh, HOORAY, life is GOOD!

Don't ask me what I'm doing differently now, except going through Wordperfect 12's new whiz-bang parlor trick to make a PDF. 

Instead of using the printer option as I always used to (which wouldn't work the last few weeks to save my life!), I'm doing the new "Publish to: PDF" option that seems to actually work, now.

It may have last night, too...a while ago I found a PDF that it had stored in a different place than Wordperfect used to, which is why it seemed to me to have disappeared.  (WP used to put PDF docs on my desktop, as a default.  The one I found just now was in the file the original document was in!  You can't open a PDF with WP, so I had to go in the back door to open and check it, but hooray, there it is!)

Now I can go back to making PROGRESS.

And by the way, this old journal is so battered precisely BECAUSE it had to last so long.  There was a lot going on in my life during that period, from my husband's illness and death to a few false starts and bad decisions to meeting my love, kateslover.  There was a long time that I didn't feel much like working in it, and another period of time in which I didn't want to finish that journal...moving on to a new book so decisively felt odd.

It's lovely, now, not only to have done 3 journals since that one but to note that I use much more color now than I did, then.  There's a reason for that...


Some tough times and sea changes for both of us, sweetie - but I am so very grateful we got though them together... *dls*
INCREDIBLY tough, babe. Scary. But change IS good (and inevitable, so I'm delighted it has become a change for the better since it happens anyway.*rg*)

Together is all that made getting through some of that possible. Thank you, love.


I'd love to hold that journal in my hands. I bet it has a lot of heft from all the years and life it contains. In another way, I wouldn't---it's obviously so personal and so deeply felt and even the act of holding it would be an intrusion. So glad you've weathered those storms, Miss Kate.
Thank you, sweet thing. I didn't write down a lot of it, it was just TOO depressing. Years ago when I kept just written journals I'd fill them with all the angst and pain and anger I'd sometimes be drowning in, and then felt the need to get rid of them so my poor old husband wouldn't be hurt if he read them.*rg* So I got out of the habit, though I do still occasionally write my way through a problem, just to get it outside my head. I seem to deal with it better that way...

Still, sometimes I read back over them and think "what was I ON about??"*G*

And there are always storms, just hopefully not quite as hurricane-like as those years...