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September 2013



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Good thing I have my classes done already...

...because I'd be up a creek trying to make PDFs right now.  I keep trying this and that to improve the situation, and it keeps getting worse.  I upgraded to Wordperfect 12 because I "heard" that it made better PDFs.  (Or not at all.)

So I finally broke down and bought the full version of Adobe Acrobat 8, because I figured the issues would be solved with the newest version. 

Or not.

I made new documents for the latest CD and so far I can't make them into ANY kind of a PDF.  I keep getting error messages...

Maybe tomorrow I can find a tech who can explain why.


I am possibly the only person on the planet who didn't grok this but... just in case...

In most programs, to create a PDF, you must be in a word processing program. I use Word most of the time, but any word processing program should be fine.

After you've created whatever-it-is in the word processing program, act as if you're getting ready to print a copy of it as a plain old document.

Select "Print" and then choose the appropriate PDF-creating program as your "printer." And then click that as if you're printing and... presto, it makes the PDF. Pop-ups should ask you what you want to name it, and so on. And then, you're finished... you've got a PDF.

Okay, that's probably not where you're hanging up in the process, but it took me forever to sort that part out, so I figured that I'd share it. (I rarely admit to foibles such as this! *LOL*)

I still rely on PDF995 and I'm still using the free (adware) version. http://www.pdf995.com/ There are other freeware PDF programs as well, and all play well with most word processing programs. (I think that the 995 folks have an adware word processing program, too.)
Hi Ais, you're a doll...but yep, that's exactly what I was doing.*rg*

Got an error message...which, interestingly, LJ won't let me reproduce in this post. I'm going nuts...


The new WP 12 program I ALSO bought to try to fix the problem offers another option, Publish to PDF. According to Wordperfect 12 for Dummies, that should work fine with Adobe Acrobat. But it didn't.

I had even installed CutePDF a while back, and IT didn't work. I used to be able to make PDFs, so no idea what's gotten wonky...maybe I'll try 995's version!

Thanks for trying, sweetie...
This may be another "just Ais" issue, but be sure that your PDF-generating program is listed on your list of printers, in your computer's control panel.

If that doesn't help, I'm fresh out of ideas!
Well, it was a good idea...but yes, just went and checked, both Adobe Distiller and Adobe PDF show under Printers.

I've found a Yahoo group and two online forums, and gotten an answer from one of them...this may be a Corel licensing issue and I need to go to their website and download the new license. Or whatever the heck!

What drives me crazy is how routine this kind of problem is, with computers. Companies need to play nice together, and the original "plug n play" concept needs to become universal.


Good luck!
Thanks, girl, I have the feeling I'll need it!

I bought the Wordperfect 12 for Dummies book, and it SAYS it works perfectly with Adobe 8.

Or not.