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September 2013



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Testing an Amazon link--my Watercolor Pencil Book

Since North Light let my Watercolor Pencil Magic go out of print, I bought up a pile of copies myself--I'm planning to use them with my upcoming watercolor pencil classes. 

But meanwhile, I'm trying them out on my web page catalog in the books section, here: http://www.cathyjohnson.info/books.html and also on Amazon--I'm "graphicart" there, should you want to get one! 

Alas, mine aren't the cheapest ones--used copies are available for less, but mine are brand new, and signed, and they cost me too much to sell for so little!  (Ah the realities of survival in business...even the business of art!)

Anyway, just trying out Amazon's link--if it doesn't work, guess I'll beg for help!  (Does it need the <a href business, and how???  I hate HTML...)

marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" width="180" height="150" border="0"
frameborder="0" style="border:none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If you click on the live link part of the above, it goes to Amazon's little graphic, which ALSO has a link that goes to my book, but I didn't mean to make it that difficult!*GG*


yeeesssssssssss--it is miiinnneeeeeeee, my preciousssssssss!
Grmph. As soon as I REMEMBER TO ADDRESS IT. Sheesh, sorry girl!


Hello Cathy,

I bought this (your) book some years ago. I like it very much, especially the trees on page 57 ("twins"). I like your painting style; keep up the good work!
Kind regards from Claudia
Thank you, Claudia, that's one of my favorites from the book, too! Thank you for including your blog URL, too, I enjoyed the visit.


Yipee! Does this mean you are getting serious about teaching a W/C Pencil class? I'm only on page 54 of my self study with the book, should I put it aside and wait for the class?
I don't know how serious I am, it's on the agenda, but time's the big issue! And of course the ability to make PDFs which I apparently don't have at the moment, siiiigh!