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September 2013



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Those barns again...

Those barns again...
Originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.
I was looking through a pile of art and found this drawing of the same barns I posted the other day, but from a very slightly different angle--this time in graphite on paper. I love the long raking shadows of early morning...and I loved those silent monoliths.

This one was drawn on the spot on a balmy winter day...unlike the painting, which was done later in my studio, where my paints wouldn't freeze!

The same two barns ended up in my North Light book, Painting Watercolors, on pages 104-106.

Winter Storm

And of course this is from yet another angle, combined with sheep from another site, and snow that did not exist the day I was painting. I wanted the drama of that stormy sky to contrast with the snow-covered ground...


i'm in love with the sheep and the sky. yeah. i can smell the air and those wet trees in the background.
Thanks, girl! And thanks for ordering my watercolor pencil book, too! I'll get it out to you ASAP, and for you, I'll send it Priority!
cool!!! i'm looking forward to getting this one--got my pencils poised and ready!
And I'm SO FRUSTRATED. I got to the postoffice with your package only to find that I hadn't finished addressing it. I said such a rude word (it's been a REALLY FRUSTRATING DAY) that it made my friends at the PO dissolve in helpless laughter!
Well... YEAH! Sweet little thing like you dropping the F-bomb on 'em... *GG*
Tsk. In public, too. Must be a sign of how frustrating yesterday really WAS!:-)
what?? i didn't hear a thing....selective hearing. comes with age...and encroaching deafness.
Too bad the other people at the post office didn't didn't suffer from selective hearing too!


Just plain Fabulous.
Thank you! I miss those barns, they were wonderful to paint. The contrast in their forms and shadows was so interesting...



The sheep are absolutely exquisite. All your work is wonderful, but every now and then one really attracts me. Lovely. By the way, my 'tips and 'tricks' book finally got here after a very long trans-atlantic journey, and it's great.

Re: sheep

Glad you finally got the book!

And thank you so much for your kind words...once in a while one just works for me, and that was one of those. I'm surprised I could sell it!