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September 2013



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I made it!

I got up early this morning to finish, and worked late last night, but the kitchen's ready for the drywall guys!  I moved out a mountain of stuff, and washed at least 5 sinks-full of things--teapots, crocks, antiques, glassware--and got it all stored away.

And, siiiiigh, I've gotten to sort of like the open feeling in there now.  It looks clean, and it IS clean, and it would be easier to KEEP clean. 

So what do I do with all the stuff?!

And I made it by 8:55--they were supposed to be here at 9.  It's 9:45...


To me, an empty room has no soul. A clean room, however, can mean a room where everything has a place, whether it be on display, put away, or whatever. But if you have too much in a room, it only looks cluttered. In the end, it's whatever you are comfortable with, of course. :)

Exactly, Jen! I think I"m going to be comfortable with less, by quite a bit, but I need My Own Stuff to make it feel like home. Just not so MUCH stuff! ;-)


Yay for you!! I hated it when I had to clean out EVERY SINGLE DRAWER AND CABINET in the kitchen for a total repaint job fall before last, so I know whereof you speak ;D. And, at about that time, I decluttered our house bigtime. It was liberating. I had a whole collection of antique toy stoves, for example, which I loved--French ones, American ones, German ones, etc. I boxed 'em all up and I still love them, but they're on sabbatical. What color are you going to paint the kitchen now?
Hi hon! Oh LORD, yes, I did that a few years ago myself...can't believe this much stuff has migrated back in that amount of time!

I'll be decluttering big time, myself! I need enough back to make it feel like mine--or rather, ours, Joseph says it looks WAY too stark as it is (of course I sent him photos!)--but it'll be simpler, that's for sure.

I'll just paint the ceiling the same white that it was...when I painted the walls last time, I did a cool stencil at chair rail level, and I'm not ready to paint over that. I'd like to paint the cabinets again, but...no time right now. *rg*
Ah... bu t the law of averages.. if you had been running late.. they would have been early
Yeah, that's what Joseph said.*G* They finally got here at 11, and will be back another couple of times to finish, oh joy...