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September 2013



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...more or less, anyway!  I got the kitchen about half done yesterday, making sure never to walk through the room without picking several things up and carrying them to someplace to store them or otherwise deal with them (as in filling the wastebasket!)  I washed 4 sinks full of stuff, because it might as well be clean when I put it away...kitchen things that don't get used often get yecky! 

I found things I'd forgotten I had, and things I wondered WHY I had kept them!

Now I only have the really nasty things left to do--things that will require a ladder, and I am so not looking forward to it, but I did better than I expected yesterday.  My back hurt, but not horribly, and the heating pad last night felt DIVINE.

Unfortunately something I ate yesterday didn't set well, so I was sick in the night again...getting a slow start today.  Ugh...

Last night the black, cold windows looked soulless, without their warming, humanizing clutter of art, antiques, rocks, shells, pottery and so forth.  This morning, they looked clean and spare...hmmm.  Maybe it's the emptiness of a night window that robs the kitchen of its humanity.

We'll see how much of this actually goes back where it came from...


No wonder your object-less kitchen looked depressing last night, you were tired and not feeling well. I wish I could have been there to help you. You'll have things back the way you like them in no time! It'll be a good feeling then. Come to think of it, I need to do that to my own kitchen...
Heh, especially since it was only HALF object-less and I knew I had to climb ladders today to get at the stuff on high shelves and on top of cabinets (WHINGE!!)

It WILL be lovely to have a new ceiling--this one has been stained with leak-holes for 10 years and more, and slightly bowed. When they told me it was bowed because every time the roof leaked the wallboard got heavy and saturated it made me JUST a tad nervous! Falling ceilings hurt!

The timing was just off--if I'd heard from them earlier in the day, Friday, I might have been able to round up some help, but it was after work and I've just got work email for my buddy that loves to do this sort of thing.

Ah well--thank you for your good thoughts! I'm sure I'll survive, and the kitchen WILL be more pleasant!