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September 2013



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At the Edge of Town, watercolor and pencil

This is one of my favorite paintings--don't ask me why, I was just happy with the way it turned out. The barns are all gone now; the Jeep dealer is where they once stood, but this is how it looked when I first moved to town.

It was quite a bit more interesting then, quirkier, less homogenized.

No McDonald's, no Arby's, no latte' bars, no big car dealerships, no Walmart Super Stores--no Walmart. Just interesting little mom-and-pop groceries and liquor, feed stores, farms, meat lockers, hardware stores that had everything you could imagine needing as well as owners who knew where it all was, picturesque and slightly seedy little motels--even individual little camping cottages, remember those?

I liked it. A lot.



Beautiful! The dead trees are exquisite!! Well, I can do without the fast food places and WalMart, but latte bars. . . . hmmm, those are a nice touch of civilization. Remember the old pharmacies (which we simply called "the drug store") where you could get some yummy drinks. My fav was Cherry Dr. Pepper.
Hi Brenda...yes, we had a drug store like that too...I did one of my favorite "urban" paintings of it, with all the neat signs in the windows and reflections and all. I remember the soda fountain, too! And this one ancient lady who was always in there buying black hair dye and Oil of Olay...

It's an insurance office now, but at least it's still a building in use!

We have two places to get latte' in town these days, and the ironic thing is that I haven't had one at either place, though I used to drive to the next town to get one, for a treat! Go figure...


Lovely diagonal

I love the diagonal composition here, to leave part of the paper white gives more effect than one thinks sometimes. It kind of makes the paint glow even more in contrast to the white area. Great too that you have this painting of the Before now that you live in the After, so to speak. Memories...

(Hope this comment comes through, I don´t know if I chose the right option when writing it. I love the fact that I can leave a comment, I couldn´t at your Flickr, and that´s where I always used to look at your lovely artwork. How did I miss your blog?? It´s fantastic! )
/nina j

Re: Lovely diagonal

Hi Nina, and thank you! I really love to leave white paper and a vignetted edge...it appeals to me. For the longest time I never painted skies, because I liked the value contrast with the white suggesting the lightest value. Things popped, and that was the only way my hot summer paintings felt hot enough!

I don't know how you missed my blog, but I'm delighted you've found it! And I guess you must have picked the right option to respond.*G* I have anonymous (non-LJ users) comments screened just in case, but here you were this morning, and thank you! (Answering unscreens them.)
It IS lovely, Kate. I like everything about it. I wish I had a picture of the patch of desert where our Walmart now sits
Thank you! And yes, my sister had a lovely view of the desert and the mountains beyond; the sunrise was glorious! Now she has a great view of the back of a huge shopping center, and gets awakened to the sound of big trucks backing up. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Fortunately I can still find beautiful and interesting things in my little town, but I have to driver farther. :-( The other day when I went out to try to paint, I was AMAZED at how much farmland is now neighborhoods, some covered with McMansions on tiny plots. Ugh...
Your sister's in Henderson, I seem to remember (not sure from where)? The Vegas area is crazy with construction, that's one of the reasons I gave up commuting. Even here, they're building 600 homes about a mile behind my property, where a turf farm used to be, argh. At least I can always escape to Death Valley, just an hour away on a really quiet road.
Yes, Henderson! It's really grown. Omigosh, 600 new homes is a lot! I've forgotten just where you live...my sweetie loves Death Valley, though, spent a lot of childhood summers there. (No wonder he likes hot weather!)
I'm in Pahrump, halfway between Vegas and Death Valley. One of my daughters lives in Henderson. :-)) If you're ever in the area, give me a holler. Hmm, I should put some DV photos up on Flickr!
I remember seeing it!

I will, and hey, yes, put up some pictures, I'd love to see them...