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September 2013



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Amazon blogs...

Someone on one of the Yahoogroups lists I'm on just asked me what an Amazon post is, and I thought I'd answer here too, in case you all would like to see.

Authors whose books are sold on Amazon can have what they call a "plog," no idea why.  It's a blog that goes out to people who have bought your books or who subscribe to your blog there; it's also visible on pages with your books on them.  They've got an RSS feed and all.
I've just forgotten to update mine till today--it's been since November 22...guess I've been busy!  You can find mine by typing Cathy Johnson into Amazon.com's search box--at least some of them are me. :-)  (I don't illustrate childrens' religious books and I'm not a sports doctor...I'm the other one.)

I thought I could link right to it, but nothing happened, though LJ has that new rich text linking option...siiiiigh.  Nada...

But you can find other Amazon authors and sign up for their blogs by going here www.amazon.com/connect and scrolling down to AmazonConnect Author Directory --maybe THAT link will work!


In Germany we don't have this "plog" ...but I saw you on the american amazon website :)
But sure we can also order your english books..I bought your guide to sketching in nature this weekend. I hope they hurry up...can't wait to have it in my hands :)
Oh, I hope they get it to you quickly, too! Did you order direct from Amazon, or as a used book? That can take quite a bit longer, unfortunately...
I ordered it directly from amazon, but it also takes a bit longer because they have to import it first.... but I'm very excited, I'm so in love with your work :)
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!