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September 2013



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For those who have asked about Moggy...

She's fat and sassy and looking good.  Eating better, though still not all that interested in most canned cat foods, chicken, milk, egg, etc.  But obviously NOT starving...

Eye whites are less yellow, too...sometimes she's affectionate and alert, sometimes she ignores me...funny old cat.

(No sketch today, though, I'm in a drawing funk.)


She's beautiful!
Oh, VERY. Pretty, pretty face. I wish her fur weren't spiky with age, and omigod she's got worse dandruff than any creature I ever saw. But she's gorgeous all right...
funny--i was thinking about you and the moggy today--i was shaking the bottle of "aquariums", and you two came to mind. i've been holed up with the annual viral impairment, with complimentary bacterial overlay in my lungs. missed over a week of work so far--must get back to the grindstone!
Wish I could find the darn things for her! She doesn't care much for any of the other brands, and she only liked the Aquariums with the purple cap. Silly persnickety thing!

And ew, sorry to hear you don't feel well, sweetie! (I've successfully avoided the doctor so really have no idea what I had/have. I'm waiting it out.
she is beautiful!
She is, isn't she Mei?
ahh... a typical cat... how beautiful....

I am so glad she is doing well
Yep, pretty typical.*G* I've been spoiled with ones that are a tad more affectionate, but then they grew up with me!

And thank you, I'm glad too!
Thank goodness the Moggy is better! She certainly does look bright eyed and attentive. I love the little markings on her face.
Thanks, girlfriend! Yes, she looks better--she's a cutie.