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September 2013



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Best laid plans...well, OK, there WEREN'T any...

...but it was such a gorgeous, warm day today, and it's been cold for weeks, and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow--it was driving me crazy that I had what a friend used to call "grunt work" to do all day today.  Orders to fill, invoices to send, spreadsheet and checkbook to bring up to date, bills to pay...UGH, what a waste! 

So I finally got finished with all that about 4:45, and the light was SO lovely, and it was still warm enough to be comfortable painting outdoors...hey, it got up to 55 or so, and it's still 48 now, balmy after the last week or so!--so I grabbed up my paints and a couple of small watercolor blocks and ran out the door.  The sun was low in the sky, and there's still some snow left...I could just imagine that peach/coral sky shading to blue, distant purplish hills, pale blue snow, black-grape bare trees...OH yeah.

I knew just where to go for the view, too...considering I was almost out of gas, I knew I couldn't get far.  Only when I got there the sun wasn't low enough yet and it was RIGHT in my eyes.  I kept going; I knew another place just a bit farther...the sun was so much in my eyes by then I almost drove off the road!

And the second place didn't work, then, either.  So...I turned back North and thought I had enough gas to get to Rocky Hollow lake, I always can find something there. 

What I found was that the park had been locked up tight since the snow, and it still was.  So coming back to town, running on fumes, I could see lots of neat things behind me as the sun dipped lower.  I made one more turn to the west to try to find someplace that had a view of the sky, the hills, the sun, the trees...and the only place I found had NO place to pull over, and the road was busy.

So here I am back home and back to work.  Ptuie.

Maybe TOMORROW I can go out and paint...when it's windy and 31 degrees...

AFTER I get gas in the Jeep.


At least you got out in the fresh air! And saw some great views in your rearview mirror! I hope for a better painting day for you soon!
Thanks, Carol, yes it WAS wonderful to breath air besides that on the way to the postoffice and back!! And I saw lovely stuff, even if I couldn't find a place to paint it, it's painted in my memory.

I haven't painted or sketched in days, beginning to wonder who's inhabiting this skin!


I'm so glad you at least got outdoors! Maybe you'll have a few more beautiful days to take advantage of very soon. And you didn't run out of gas -
Thanks, Miss Brenda, I REALLY needed it, particularly since the weekend looks both cold and really busy.

I was watching that gas gauge pretty closely!