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September 2013



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Playing with an old photomontage...

Missing kateslover this evening, so going through my photo album...I made this montage a couple of years ago, but with a different, too-pixilated photo of me--it wouldn't print out right.  So since I replaced that with one with a blue gown it seemed like a good idea to make the letters blue, too...

'twould be nice if I had one with the shadows in the right place on both of us, but oh well!

I love Photoshop...


It's so sweet..and look at you, such a cute young girl! (You're still cute).
Thank you! I actually had a waist, then--amazing! Don't you think he was (and is!) a cutie? I love his chubby little baby picture...

Well, it IS adorable, dang it!
Well, you most certainly are. OTOH, I'm definitely having a bad hair day... *G*
You know I love your hair down and all tousled.*wg* Of course I love it in the ponytail, too...
Haha..My husband was a chubby baby also..he's a stick now. In all his old baby photos, there's always someone's hand off to the side feeding him something..like a puppy with snacks:)
Oh, what a hoot! I remember the godchildren getting Cheerios to hush them, and just saw a mama doing the same thing last week. Cheerios are BIG with babies!
that is lovely---and yes, dreams do come true.
Thank you! I've kept the PSD, so if I get a photo of me that works better, I'll probably plug it in.*g*

I got the idea for that montage a year or two ago, when J. sent me some baby and child photos of himself. I've got MY family albums, so it was natural to find roughly corresponding ages and put them together...
aw, Kate... this is lovely :-)
Thank you, sweet Mandy. Photomontages are addictive!
All that love and cuteness! Thanks for the smile you gave! :-)
It doesn't matter our age, love is still what makes the world go round!
Amen to THAT! I was talking to his mother last night about that very thing--she is still very much in love with her husband, and she's 84!


Look at adorable you! And he's not too shabby, either! ;D. You two do look like you belong together. Hope you're safe and warm and cozy and not missing him too much tonight.
Thank you, sweetie, I'm warm and cozy and have been on the phone with him for an hour, so that helps.*G*

He is DEFINITELY not too shabby. Yum.

And yes, we've got a really wonderful relationship. We seem to be able to talk about anything, and talk OUT anything...
Gracias! Fun...


Love is in the Air...

My Lord...I can see that the mushiness I've experienced of late is but the tip of the iceberg :-)

You crazy kids...

Yer Pal

Re: Love is in the Air...

This is true. We get pretty silly. Ain't it grand??*G*