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September 2013



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Working on toned paper

Ragsie on black
Originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.
...I really enjoy that technique. There's something magic about drawing an image out of the shadow, slowly, stroke by stroke. Once scanned I can see a couple of places that need tweaking--something about the distance provided by scanning or photographing really helps us gain perspective on our work and see what can be improved!

In this case two tiny strokes make the poor kit look as though she has little Dracula fangs!

I toned my own paper, in my journal, with acrylic--Liquitex Payne's Gray--and I really need to do more than one layer. Repeated thin layers would work better, I think--the line across her muzzle is the edge of a stroke of too-thick paint, and the paper shows through a bit on the right.

So once again, I learn I need PATIENCE...what a shock...

Rags was drawn with a white Prismacolor colored pencil in white, with a bit of modeling after the fact with a 90% Cool Dark Gray one.

Now I'm tempted to use a similar technique, then add color with thin glazes...


"In this case two tiny strokes make the poor kit look as though she has little Dracula fangs!"

Maybe you should change her name to "Fangsie!" *G*
I would if she were a nipper, like Miss Pooh!

Looks sort of like drool, too--maybe I should call her "Droolsie"--but it's sort of hard to say. ;-)



What a gorgeous cat drawing! This technique seems to work so well with this subject. Ragsie really comes alive. Casey

Re: beautiful!

Thank you Casey! It really does seem to work, especially with a cat with some white on her. I always have trouble with my lovely little black one--a black blob with eyes!
yup. this is gorgeous. makes me want to softly smooth her whiskers with my thumbs, face cradled in my hands.
She'd love that...once she got to know you. She's a big scaredy-cat and would probably hide for about a month... ;-)