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September 2013



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I had the oddest dream...

...last night SOMETHING did not agree with me--I had stomach cramps and strange hollow gurglings far into the night--but when I finally slept I had the most interesting dream.  I don't remember much of it, except this bit right before I woke. 

I was with kateslover walking hand in hand up a road near the farm I used to own, and realized that there was another couple up ahead, already at our destination.  Then I saw that they looked just like us, that we each had a faerie double. 

Then I knew that in each couple one was human, one faerie, and we needed to decide if we should trade off, so the humans were with humans, fey with fey.

And then I realized that we are not interchangeable, and whatever he or I actually were, human or otherwise, the man I was with was the one I loved. 

Playing it safe wasn't an option.

Nice dream....


That would make an interesting plot point in a story. What a neat dream!
so many times the path we need to take is not the "safe" option. it is the only one that will lead us where we need to finish the destination.

i took the "unsafe" path, marrying hubby. it has been quite a journey--but i wouldn't trade this particular rollercoaster for any other attraction in the park....
Love the simile! "Any other attraction in the park..." Lovely!

Safe is highly overrated, I think...and can be deadly boring.
It WAS neat. I had interesting ones this morning, too, no wonder I slept in! Kept wanting to see what was going to happen next!
No point in playing it safe - life isn't safe. But as long as we're in it together, it's very, very good... *GBHS*
And why on earth would I trade you???