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September 2013



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And speaking of warm clothes and other wintry things...

...I got my warm coats and that fleece tunic just in time!  Yesterday was gray and cloudy, but balmy...I could have sat on the front porch and painted, but I was busy and the lighting was pretty flat.  I thought I'd wait and perhaps today would have more interesting light and shadows...

Should have checked the weather report!  Today it's 17 degrees with a wind chill factor of 4 degrees and spitting ice and snow...ugh.  We need the moisture, but it's not exactly my favorite plein air conditions! 

And of course since the streets appear to be getting icy, I'll just content myself with looking out the windows...sounds like a good time for that pot of soup I've been meaning to make!

So, matching thought to deed, there's a lovely big pot of rattatouille bubbling on the stove, filling the house with that warm spice of Italian seasoning.  I don't have all my usual ingredients on hand--no eggplant, darn it!--but the carrots add a touch of color and richness, I had lots of onions and some leftover celery. (I have a thing for pale, delicate, crisp celery hearts and thoroughly dislike the bitter, stringy outside stalks, so I have to feel virtuous and use them in soup instead of compost!)  I had at least one green pepper--no yellow or red ones, again with the darn it, but the flavor's about the same.  I wish I could share it with you--it's perfect for a cold winter day.

Stay warm, everyone...


Yowza! Bundle up your overcoat!
No kidding! It's time for the ankle-length down-filled one again!

And yep, I went ahead and made the soup and added that to the post. MMmmmmm...smells wonderful!
By the way, I love your icon, what a hoot!


It's warmish here today and I'd gladly be with you there in the cold world! Your ratatouille sounds yummy. My house is all aglow, thanks to some luminous desert colors.

My ratatouille WAS lovely, come have a bowl!

And I'm delighted you got the painting all right, sweet thing!
It is cold and icy.... even worse down this far south of you.

Hope you are doing ok.... how are the babies? (human and furry)
We dodged the bullet a LOT, here, I think. Nowhere near as bad as they'd predicted. Sorry to hear it's bad where you are!

And yes, doing fine--the Jeep's got ice on it, so I may or may not get out today, but the electricity's on, the furnace is humming, the kitties are fine, and as far as I know, so are the babies. I spoke to Birgitta's mom a day or two ago and she was doing fine!
and our back porch thermometer is below zero, not counting the wind chill.....i think it's time to put on a pot of coffee. and maybe pour it in my shoes, just to warm up!
LOL! But think about once the coffee cooled...ewwwww...

It's 12 here, so we're having a regular heat wave!