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September 2013



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I love thrift stores...

I only had a really, really WARM ankle-length down coat, and a very lightweight denim jacket, and was feeling the need of something in between.  So yesterday I hit the local thrift store, Broadway Bargains in Excelsior Springs.  Oh, wow...I got a wool-lined London Fog raincoat for $10, a warm down-ish filled short coat for $5, and a GORGEOUS dark green fleece tunic from Eddie Bauer for $2.  The tunic was NEW, still had the price tag in it, never been worn.  Wow...it looks great with my leggings and scrunchy boots!  (No, I DON'T dress my age, who cares?!)

This is a great way to recycle...I'm careful to buy stuff that's clean and in good condition, and it benefits The Good Samaritan Center, which runs the thrift.  Makes my money go farther and helps them at the same time...considering how much I hate to shop, this is really a win-win!

And of course I like it that I can donate, too...they take books, collectibles, jewelry, accessories, blankets, fabric, furniture, appliances and so forth in addition to clothing.  I've passed along a lot of gifts I had no use for, and found some real treasures that seem to be the same kind of deal. 

That forest green fleece tunic, for instance!  The price tag said $48, and I paid $2...I'll bet someone got it for Christmas and hated it!  Go figure....


i was at the local salvation army last week with youngest daughter. the local "salvo", as she calls it, gets the end of season stuff and display model clothing from the target stores. we scored two brand-new sweaters for her for 4 bux. i love thrift shopping.

"use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without"...
Oh, COOL. You did well! All the sweaters at my favorite place were $2, too. The "use it up" quote brought back memories! I think it ought to include "or hie thyself to the local thrift!"

The whole use it up, make it do thing is what's made me into such an awful packrat, I'm afraid. I'm always keeping stuff because I could make it into something else, sometime.*G* I'm getting better about that, though...I need to look in my closet and anything that hasn't been worn in 2 years needs to go bye-bye!

I'm going to be selling a LOT of my fabrics, too, because I stocked up for the reenacting hobby and I'm not doing a lot of new clothes for that any more.

Not that I need any more fabric, but let me know when you start selling it, please! :)
I'll be sure to announce it here, Jenn! I really need to get things out and MEASURE them--and of course try to get some decent photos.
I buy all my clothes second hand, unless I have a gift card or something, or it's really really cheap. But I have bought sweaters and such I'd never be able to afford otherwise, and that's very nice on my pocketbook. So I can agree with you there!
My youngest godchild works at a thrift shop in Kansas City and comes home with the most amazing stuff! I don't much like shopping, so I know I miss a lot of good stuff, but my favorite scrunchy soft suede boots cost me $2 and looked like they'd never been worn, so it is SO worth it.

Back when I used to sell clothes on eBay I found some really gorgeous leather jackets in thrift stores...