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September 2013



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Winter Oak

Winter Oak
Originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.
The sunny weekend tempted me out to paint on Saturday...not the smartest thing I ever did. Sitting on the fishing dock sticking out into the January lake made my cold kick up, by Saturday night. My head is stuffy and I'm coughing again...so yesterday was layabout day!

I'm so far behind, now, that I don't have that luxury again today, but I certainly am moving as though through cotton wool...whatever that is...

This was part of why I felt awful, again...I drew this lovely old oak with my Pentel pocketbrush, and got quite caught up in the negative shapes, textures, and shadows. THEN tried to do a watercolor of the lake itself, which, alas, stinks.*G*


Would you PLEASE take better care of yourself?!
Working on it, babe...


Nice winter tree:):)

That is a great tree, and amazing what a few lines and dab of color can do--but one has to know/learn where to make them. I notice you give credit to the Pentel pocket brush. Is it that much better than a niji??? ( I am not sure that is the correct name, but have a couple which I like a lot, but not sure they'd be good to paint with--without a predrawn pix I mean. I love them for WC pencils or pans etc...
Really like that tree, and few leaves hanging in there:):) Good work!!

Re: Nice winter tree:):)

Thank you! Glad you like it!

And the Pentel Pocketbrush is different--it's India Ink. The Niji, as you obviously know *g*, is a water-filled brush you can use with your watercolors. I have both, for different purposes, and they both have nice springy, responsive bristles/hairs. Like you, I enjoy the Niji with watercolors, wc pencils, whatever.