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September 2013



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Another junk-food junkie!

Omigosh...yesterday I actually caught Moggy EATING something--on her own, without my coaxing or giving her soft canned food, which she usually barely touches before she turns her back on it.  Last night she was in by the dry food, eating one wee piece of it.

So just now I was grazing in the pantry and noticed a jar of cat treats--Aquari-yums, actually--and on a whim decided to offer her a couple.  She snarfed them right up!  I gave her two more.  She ate them.  I gave her three more.  She ate THEM. 

Good grief!  Are these anything approaching decent food for a cat?  Dunno, guess I'll call my vet and see what he suggests...


*Personally*, I think they're awfully salty, myself. Not that I've tasted any. Honest. :)

But hey, she likes something! Yay!!
No, of course not. I'll take your word on that one...*G*

I actually caught her eating more of her canned food last night, too. Yahoo!
She's eating..that's a start..Aquari-Yums? Shaped like fish..or some thing new age..(this is the dawning of the age of Aquari-yums)..don't mind me..i have a cold and i'm silly:)
LOL! Yeah, fish and shells and things. It's just supposed to be a TREAT, not a diet! Silly cat...

Oh - you mean a treat like chips and cookies are supposed to be? *GG*
I SAID I was a junk food junkie, didn't I? That implies that it was lovely while I was bingeing...as my old hippie friends used to say, "you wanna play, you gotta pay." I did, last night, ugh...*rg*

Needless to say no lovely feelings of wellbeing TODAY...*rg*
Might become silly ENORMOUS cat:)!!!!
She's already fat, which puzzles me to death as little as I've caught her eating! She looks like a throw pillow with a head, as I've said before! But she only weighs a bit over 9 lbs, so I can only conclude she's really a helium balloon cat... ;-)
haha!! I'm not really a cat person although i am a sucker for sad stray animals,so i've had several of the beasts. I used to have a problem with Fat cats..I think cats are aloof..but the fat ones always wanted to haang out and cuddle with me.I got many a grim chastisement from the vet.
Mine are definitely not aloof! They want love and attention, even Rags, who used to be so shy before I lost her sibling a month or so ago. Now SHE wants picked up and cuddled first thing in the morning!

Hey, it's nice hanging out and cuddling!
If i ever get a house on some land..(a goal we have)..besides a few llamas ,sheep(i like em , husband doesn't ) and female goats..maybe a cat. Every country house needs a house cat:)
Careful, my country house ended up with a LOT of them! People tend to dump cats in the country...
i lived in the country on 60 acres and only had one stray cat, he belonged to whever he ended up:) I don't think i would take in more than one cat..too many make me itchy:)
One doesn't seem to be quite enough for me...I was down to two and felt very odd. Hence Moggy ended up with me too...

If I were itchy that would definitely be a deciding factor though!


Didn't you say she has liver problems? I know that sometimes that's accompanied by unusual amounts of fluid in the abdomen.....did your vet mention that?--Carol C.
No, he didn't...I should ask, thank you. I've got her on liver medication, now...