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September 2013



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Morning well-being

I would love to know what is up with my body or psyche or whatever, but the last three mornings I've had a sense of intense well-being, for a period of time.  I feel GOOD.  Calm, happy, and especially physically GOOD.  Almost as if I were high on something, but not hyper in any way, just laid back and GOOD.  (Not that I'm complaining!)

Last time this happened was when I was on the Paleo diet...it appeared to agree with me (so of course eventually I dropped off!)  Now there is no apparent reason, just a period in the morning when all's right with the world.  Not that nothing hurts, because the old bones just do, but that it really doesn't matter.  Happy.  Good.  Breathing is nice.  BEING is nice.

I wish I could hold ONTO that well-being.  I worked up to a real cranky old broad by evening yesterday!

But for now...oh yeah.  This is good...


I'm not familiar with the Paleo diet. Hmmm... I'll have to look that up.
It's EXCELLENT and makes perfect sense to me, for the most part. Why on earth I don't keep it up, I don't know. (Can we say "self-destructive"?!? Gotta have that junk food!)
I just read about it, while snacking on some Pringle's potato chips. *rueful grin* That diet sounds very sensible to me, thanks for mentioning it!

(And, your post today was very inspiring, too!)
You're welcome. It really DOES make perfect sense to me, as many people are allergic to milk and grains and some of the other agricultural products. But of course I'm back to yogurt, cottage cheese, cheddar, crackers, and the occasional chips binge.

Most veggies and fruits, lean meat, seeds and nuts--pretty simple, easy to follow even when you eat out! (Wish I weren't allergic to nuts, though!! I really miss salty/crunchy!)

I think it's in that book where he says if you HAVE to cheat, cheese is probably the best thing to cheat with, so I do.*g* I love cheese... (There's also a book called Neanderthin, and I get confused...)
Hi sweetie! I'd be GLAD to share, it's very, very nice.

Perhaps mindfulness will help--I'm reasonably sure it's nothing physical I'm doing, other than I've gotten back to my morning exercises the last few days. It's usually about an hour after that, or more, that this lovely well-being sets in.
I am waking with similar feelings, Kate. It's nice while it lasts. Isn't it?! :-)
It's wonderful, and hooray, I'm glad you're having it too! Mine usually takes an hour or so to take effect, but it's still hanging on...lovely.


EDM new member Cathy

Hi...You are a hoot! I am 59 and experiencing all sorts of aging pains and I also judge the days by how Good I feel.I particularly loved this part:
" Not that nothing hurts, because the old bones just do, but that it really doesn't matter. Happy. Good. Breathing is nice. BEING is nice.
I worked up to a real cranky old broad by evening yesterday!"

Now I'll go finish looking at the blog..........

Re: EDM new member Cathy

Yep, at 64 things just HURT, and I don't pay much attention to that!

I hope you enjoy the visit.*G*
I hope you're still having those good feelings. The nice thing is recognizing them when you're having them and appreciating them, instead of not realizing they were there until they're gone and then missing them.
They're really unmistakable! And so lovely I have to appreciate them.

I did a silly thing and binged on junk food, so felt yucky for a day or two, but I've definitely had them a time or two since. Funny, it centers in my breathing/chest and my spinal chord...who would have thought your spinal chord could be happy!*gg*