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September 2013



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January 1, 2007

Originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.
Every January 1, come wind or weather, cold or flu or whatever, I have an appointment with myself, I take a walk...to take stock, to take compass readings, to get OUT there. To figure out where I'm going and where I've been and what I need from my life. This year it was especially important to keep my appointment because I normally do this on my birthday as well, only this year I was with J. and family in Nevada.

It takes as long as it takes, and I simply didn't have enough time last fall...and my perch on the wall overlooking a junkyard was not exactly conducive to taking compass readings!

So, although I've had a head and chest cold, I bundled up in my down coat and little green hat, took my journal, and headed out for the lake.

And the journey didn't disappoint me. Though I learn virtually the same lesson every year, it is good for me to be there, to take the time to listen--to God, to my own spirit, to the voice of nature, to whatever it is that guides my footsteps through the days and years.

I come back refreshed, calm, centered...happy. I've never known it to fail...



I love that you do this and wish I had remembered to today!!! I guess this can be done anytime, but it's meaningful to have that tradition with yourself.....so I'll shoot for my birthday this year and then New Year's next year....hope that's not taking too much for granted! Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us!--Carol C.

Re: Traditions

I think it can be done any time, yes...New Year's Day is really a pretty arbitrary date on the calendar, but I think it's best if it's a day that's meaningful to you for some reason. I could do it on the Solstice, as well, when the light finally has victory over the darkness!

And you're welcome!



Oh how I love walks like that, Kate ... glad for your time at the lake and a beautiful painting to boot!

Re: wonderful

Thank you...I really needed it. I hardly felt the cold!
What a wonderful tradition... and an inspiration! Thanks!
It IS wonderful. I'm glad it was an inspiration. Funny, no matter what else I may be doing toward sanity or mindfulness, this one is always special...
God knows you inspire me, sweetie! *G*
Yes, but did you go out for a New Years' Day walk!?*G*
With a Twilight Zone marathon on? *GG*
Sheesh. Boys.*g*
And yeah, ESPECIALLY with a Twilight Zone marathon on!*G*