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September 2013



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FINALLY. Taking care of business a little...

Yesterday afternoon I managed to dress long enough to run to the post office and mail my four orders that came in while I was gone, ran by the grocery store, finally, then right back into the nightie and bed.  (Do you know how TINY and BLAND frozen dinners are now?  Yikes...either they used to be better or I was a whole lot less sophisticated in my tastes, but that was all I felt like messing with.  I didn't have chicken soup...)

And today I actually responded to my patient students, who had worked all the time I was gone!  I think I wrote about 28 posts this morning and evening, and did 3-4 Photoshopped suggestions....whew...

AND made it out to the library, which was closed, at 2:30, though the sign on the door said Saturday, 9-5.  Fooey...I'll be re-reading books this weekend and until Wednesday, looks like!  I want a nice mystery...or fantasy...or something...

So I'm rereading one of my friend Charles de Lint's fantasy novels, Somewhere to be Flying.  I think this makes the third or fourth time...so back to bed with tea and my book...


Hope you recover quickly. Wish I was close enough to bring you some chicken stew and good reads while you recuperate. Take care.
I actually made it by the store a couple of days ago, and forgot Alka Seltzer Plus, Nyquill, chicken soup, etc. RATS.

And thank you for the kind words! I am feeling somewhat better, though still sort of stopped up in the head...


Better frozen meals & great book suggestion!

H'lo Kate!
I have a suggestion for good (not great) frozen meals in a pinch - Stouffer's anything! No preservatives in most (my son is allergic so I researched) and actually taste good. The meatloaf and pasta with veggies is good, also the veggie lasagne!
If you would like to snuggle in with a handsome, red-haired Celtic warrior this winter, travel back in time and get to know a really cool woman, try The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I spent last winter (warm & happy!) with these great historical fictions and loved every minute of it!
Feel better -
Suzanne G in NC

Re: Better frozen meals & great book suggestion!

Thanks, Suzanne! I'd forgotten Stouffers (I don't think they have them at my little local mom-and-pop store, which is all I felt like dealing with!), and I didn't know about the lack of preservatives, I'll keep that in mind!

I need to try the Outlander series again...I absolutely HATED the first one, since she appeared to think rape was OK or even exciting (ugh), but I understand the later ones are lots better so I may try again, thanks for the tip!