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September 2013



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Travels--and home!

It is SO good to be back home, though our trip to California was a good one, this time.  kateslover 's dad is home after more than a year in hospitals and nursing homes (still needing 24/7 care, but HOME), and it was good to see him.  We had more time with less angst this time, too, and not always feeling rushed, pushed, pulled, tugged, overwhelmed--turned out it was the perfect time to be there! 

The Beach at San Clemente

Of course, for me, ANY time is the perfect time to be at the ocean.  Any ocean, anywhere...

...and yes, of course, once again, I waded in, shoes, dress and all, and got happily soaked! 

My husband spoiled me rotten--dinner at Giovanni's in Covina, a trip to La Brea tar pits, which I've wanted to see since I was a kid (IT WAS AMAZING!), off to the ocean and San Juan Capistrano.  Does it get any better than that?

I sketched almost non-stop (nearly enough to satisfy even me), and got more work in for the book; it was wonderful to have J. sketching with me...check out his journal for his sketch!

This is sort of Our Bench--here we are on it, two years ago...

Home last Wednesday, and we're both still tired; travel does take its toll, more now than it used to.  I've been working on the book since we returned, playing catchup, taking care of doctor's visits (hooray, not only no diabetes, but the bone density issue isn't severe enough yet that I have to have a prescription-I HATE pills!) and dealing with a rerun of vandals and thieves at the cabin while we were gone...

I'm seeing glorious work from a variety of artists for the book on keeping an artist's journal, and completely humbled by being allowed to read some of them; it's going to be good.

So...back at it!




Oh Kate, I can feel the joyous getaway in your words and paint - relief FIL is home!! No pills for you (yeah) a relaxing time - and I am so excited about the new book!!!!! Hurry up - finish- publish - and SELL :-)
And so sad the cabin was attached again!!! What to do???

Re: Getaway

Thank you, it WAS lovely. I'm excited about the book, too...hope I can do it justice.

And I have NO good ideas about what to do about vandals, not even if I caught them at it.
so glad you are home, safe, and happy with the trek. so sorry that stupid people are just that--stupid people. sure do wish that there was some way to protect the cabin--probably kids, who have no sense of value or place, and are just looking for the cheap, quick thrill of breaking and entering--and breaking.

stupid can't be fixed. not even with duct tape. *sigh* makes me sad for the poor cabin. it never did anything to deserve such treatment!
Thanks, sweetie, me too. I wish there were too...I just do not understand. WHY?? But yes, I'm sure it's kids. So far, though, they've stolen my old laserjet printer and the security camera. That's not stupid, that is some serious trouble.