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September 2013



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Down the Street

Down the Street, originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.

Funny how these thing happen...I'd saved a two page spread on Morilla paper that I bought ages ago, in my new journal. I'd done almost another whole signature since, and anticipated painting the view down the street from my sweetheart's big wraparound porch for a week. In the late evening, the light is normally gorgeous.  I wanted to try playing with my biggest round brush--a #12--and keeping it bold and simple but atmospheric.

Tonight I finally had time...and the light was flat and the view too cluttered with parked cars, telephone poles, street signs (why didn't I notice THOSE before??)...so I just focused on the little church down the block and used a single page.

Oh well... ;-)  Sometimes you just have too much buildup!

Now I'll do something different on the facing page! Maybe my lovely geraniums and a bit of the gingerbread on MY porch...

...maybe not...


that is really a dear, sweet church. i showed hubby the painting of it, and his first comment was, " makes you want to go there, doesn't it?" i agree. the one he pastored so many years ago was a little white church out in the country, built back in 1852. it was the oldest one in the county. they have since built a new one--but the old one still stands. i love it.

that migiht be a good field trip this summer--a sketch/draw/paint session, before the old building goes anywhere. good thinking, my friend!!
We've got several around here that are quite historic. Until about 20 years ago, the church where Frank and Jesse James' father was the pastor was still standing. (They must have been SUCH a disappointment to him!)

I didn't know your sweet hubby was a pastor! But yes, PAINT THAT THING, buildings go away with such startling regularity. You're making me want to paint St. Luke's, though I don't think it will probably disappear--it's stone.
I never even NOTICED that church before, sweetie! Guess we'll at least have to stop in...
It is very cute, isn't it? I have an ancient postcard of it on my CD--it's been through several denominations since then.

And if they ever get back to having neighborhood meetings, sometimes they have them there.*G*


That's pretty. The cocklings scan like clouds.
Thank you! It was fun...