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September 2013



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New Cat in Town--Oliver, O-LOVER

New Cat in Town--Oliver
Originally uploaded by graphicartepsi.
I took on my dear friend Susan's kitty when her new baby--my godchild Birgitta--turned out to be allergic. I got to pick him up when Joseph and I went to dinner with Susan and Andy on Saturday night...he's beginning to get used to us!

I think Susan said he was about 12...and WHAT a lover.


Poor kitty. I'll bet he's thinking "I was here first, why didn't they get rid of the baby?"

Very wonderful of you to take Oliver in. What a fuzzlump! :)
I'll bet he was, too! Susan said she felt so bad for him, because he IS used to being the baby and getting lots of attention. Since Birgitta's allergic, Susan has to wash her hands constantly before picking up the baby...but Oliver's always made up to me whenever I've been there, so I think he'll be fine here!

Fuzzlump he is, all right!


Fuzzlump is better than what I was thinking. . . Spikey! He's ADORABLE though!! How wonderful that you are able to take him - I'm sure Susan and family are grateful to know he's with you.
Oh yes, I called Susan today to give her the progress report. She's very relieved he's with a loving home.

I couldn't take Percy, alas...he doesn't like people, he doesn't like other cats either. I don't know what she'll do about him...poor Percy!
he looks like a dear!
Oh yes, I've been crazy about Oliver as long as I've known him! I'm delighted to take him.
Hi Oliver! I've always liked the name Oliver. :)
Me too, Jen! The only Oliver I know that really doesn't like me is my pottery teacher's HUGE English sheep dog, and he gets used to my being there after a bit.
he reminds me of shigella's hamish. if the personality is anywhere as wonderful, you've made a wonderful friend!
Well, I've been crazy about Oliver since I met him a few years ago, if that tells you anything!