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September 2013



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Good news/bad news

The good news is that the company that did my roof last summer after the spring hail damage and bid on my kitchen ceiling at the same time is FINALLY coming back to do the ceiling on Monday!

The bad news of course is the same.  Before they can remove and replace the old ceiling bright and early Monday morning, I have to clear everything out of the kitchen.  I really had other plans for the weekend...

Wish kateslover were going to be here!  (I wish ANYBODY were going to be here.  What a lot of work...)

I'll be glad when it's done, but....



Be careful and don't hurt yourself! Oh yes, it will be so nice for you to get this job finished.
I'm taking it slow--I did some this evening, and with two whole days, surely I can do everything but move out the furniture. Hopefully they'll have sheets to put over that.

And yes, I had about given up on their coming back! They'd left me a message when I was in California that they'd be out right after the holidays. Or, say, a month later...
I wish I were there too, sweetie!
Thanks, love, I know that. I'm making slow progress, in any case. Every time I pass through the kitchen, I take something out of it and put it somewhere it will be safe, or wash a few more, or clear off a windowsill.

I'm taking Ibuprofen right along, so the back ache isn't too bad, and I can always stop for a heating pad break!

I just put all those wonderful antique printing blocks from India in a bag and put them in the back room...sooo pretty. I really do plan to do something with them, someday! (Besides put them in a sack in the back room of course.*G*)
*in hushed golf commentater voice* ..."and so, the intrepid kate, doing homge to the pioneer spirit, tackles the amazonian task of moving a whole kitchen's worth of art, furniture, and stuff into the new hiding place. watch, folks, as the cats scatter, and offer vocal encouragement, but don't lift a paw, except to rearrange the rare dust bunny they encounter...take note of the care she packs the artifacts....and there's a find! we'll return next week, watchers, to see the grand rearrangement...."
The golf commentator needs glasses.*G* RARE dust bunnies, indeed. And so far I've found two brown recluse nests, or whatever you call 'em where the eggs are laid and the babies raised a bit. Both empty, hooray...

And CARE in packing? Heh. She puts 'em into paper grocery sacks and carried them into the already overflowing back room, which was once the pottery studio and is now a JUNK ROOM without an inch to move. That's because kateslover has helped me rearrange the REST of the house on occasion and stuff gets dumped back there. Picture frames, shipping boxes, wrapping stuff, etc. etc.

Gawd wotta mess.

You're right about the cats, though...they just watch.*G* When they're not resting up from watching...
i hear you! i raise dust rhinos, personally...and every inch of extra room (and some not so extra) is coated with projects, potentials, paper, and pets. there. alliteration at no additional cost. it will take all of my will powwer to leave the "new room" pristine, and confine the sewing and stuff to the rest of the house. end plan is the upstairs for a sewing/art space. but i need to empty the lungs, first.
Mine are dust dinosaurs...some of them have been here that long.*G*

I love your aggregate of additional alliterations, always.

Yeah, after getting home from the West I'm aways inspired but frustrated by my sis's place. She got the housekeeping genes in the family, I got the mean old independent ones. My brother in law is even more that way than SHE is. He throws things away that you're still holding in your hands!

And then I come home to this...*rg* Lots of good intentions, but I'm usually so behind after being gone that I just dive right back into teaching, painting, writing and housekeeping is once again forgotten...

Take care of those lungs, girl!